Major Powers Also Suffer as a Result of Their Actions

Fortunately, the major powers that shape the world cannot always blame the poor and disadvantaged people of developing countries for the consequences of their own actions. In fact, some of the most serious of these consequences affect them directly!

While these powers quibble over pollution, each refusing to reduce emissions under the pretext that others have also not sufficiently done so, the increased temperatures and contaminated water and air within these countries will ravage the lives of their own people, just like it will the rest of the world.

Nuclear experimentation on land and in the ocean have indiscriminately wrought unmanageable levels of contaminated natural resources around the world.

Dumping chemical weapons and nuclear waste in the ocean will come back to haunt the major powers who have done so.

The potential of a World War III among major powers threaten to annihilate humanity, including the warring powers’ own people!

Residents of these powerful countries enjoy a high standard of living, and its people hold onto it with their lives for fear of losing it. Meanwhile, in their misery, the destitute in the developing world, wish to die.

These major powers print and issue as much money as they like and leave the world with no choice but to put up with it, whipping out waves of inflation that affect those countries before they impact the rest of the world.

They pay the price for their selfish economic policies.

These countries have supported international gangs and criminal organizations for the sake of gathering intelligence for their own benefit. Such support facilitates crime, including drug and weapon smuggling that reflects back on them.

You can see an example of this if you look back to World War II when the U.S. secured the release of mafiosi who were detained and nearly executed by Benito Mussolini in exchange for help in tracking down Mussolini’s loyalists and routing their dens.

After that, the mafia spread its activity into things we know them for well.

Even the major powers cannot shape the kinds of laws that life itself is subject to.

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