US Reprisal in the Middle East: Self-Restraint Needed To Prevent Escalation

The U.S. military attacked the positions of pro-Iranian armed groups in Iraq and Syria. Strategic bombers from the U.S. mainland joined in the large-scale aerial bombings that targeted command posts and supply facilities.

The attacks were in retribution for an unmanned drone attack that killed three servicepeople at a U.S. military facility in Jordan at the end of January.

At the same time, U.S. and U.K. forces also struck regions controlled by the pro-Iranian Yemeni armed group known as the Houthis, which has been targeting merchant ships in the Red Sea.

Since the battle between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas began last October in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, clashes between the U.S. and pro-Iranian groups that support Hamas have continued to escalate.

Further escalation of tensions could lead to large-scale conflict. Every country involved must exercise self-restraint to prevent a chain of retaliation.

Behind the retaliatory strikes, a hard-line stance against Iran has gathered momentum in the U.S. because the drone attack took the first American lives in the ongoing conflict. President Joe Biden is also likely to be avoiding criticism for being weak in the run-up to November’s presidential election.

Even though Biden has said he is exercising the right to self-defense under international law, he has stated the U.S. will not strike within Iran and that he does not want the conflict to spread. It is essential to maintain an appropriate level of composure.

Iran has also criticized the U.S. military but claims it is not directly involved in the conflict and has asked that pro-Iranian forces curtail its attacks.

War between the regional power of Iran and the U.S. could spread chaos around the world. The conflict in Gaza, which is the root cause of the problem, must come to an end immediately to avoid that from happening.

The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to prevent acts of genocide, yet Israel continues to attack Gaza. The death toll, largely made up of women and children, has exceeded 27,000 people.

Moreover, Israel is launching a ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, where refugees are gathering.

The massacre of civilians is a violation of international law.

The U.S. and Qatar are mediating negotiations with Israel and Hamas for a cease-fire.

It is time for the international community to devote itself to diplomatic efforts to end the hostilities.

Israel has claimed that staff from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East were involved in Palestine’s surprise attack on Israel. The U.S., Japan and Europe have suspended funding and donations to the organization, and the UNRWA is in danger of having its activities suspended.

In Gaza, many refugees are being forced to live in harsh conditions. It is inhumane to also suspend the UNRWA’s activities based on suspicion. Donations to the group ought to be reinstated.

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