Biden Manipulates His Opponents at Iraq’s Expense

On Monday, political analyst Qasem Belshan asserted that there is an ongoing U.S. endeavor to control the Middle East via Iraq, explaining that Washington continues to wield military, security and economic pressure to vindicate its erratic political decisions.

“Biden manipulates his opponents at Iraq’s expense,” Belshan said in conversation, claiming that U.S. elections are one reason for economic and security violations.

“Washington tries to save face in front of both the American people and its enemies through the implementation of policies that thwart the country’s development efforts,” he continued, reasoning that “in numerous arenas, Eastern states have become competitors to the United States on the international stage.”

“World politics has begun to shift toward multi-party governance,” he added, “which heralds the deterioration of Washington’s dominance over the Middle East and other regions,” indicating that “U.S. efforts to use Iraq as a foothold from which to control the Middle East have been a constant – until now.”

In a recent speech, the Fatah Alliance criticized the reactionary political violence exerted upon Iraq while emphasizing that disputing parties in Washington are flexing their muscles for the sake of the upcoming presidential election, all to the detriment of Iraq.

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