Extending an Invitation to Washington: Bafel Talabani Affirms that US Forces and the International Coalition Are Not Invaders!

On Monday, President Bafel Jalal Talabani of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, regarding the international coalition in Iraq, asserted that, “They are not invaders.” He meanwhile called upon the United States to accommodate the beneficial partnership between Iraq and Iran.

During the forum currently held in Baghdad by the Al-Rafidain Center for Dialogue, Talabani said that the recent deterioration of Iraq’s security came as a consequence of the rejection of the American presence on Iraqi soil, though pointed out that the U.S. threatens the security of the country by taking advantage of its presence there to strike at Iraqi targets in support of its own interests.

The Iraqi government, he added, should focus its efforts on monitoring security concerns.

Talabani stated that there is a need to recognize the fact that the U.S. forces within the international coalition “are not invaders, and we must preserve their sense of security, as well.”

He also pointed out that Iran is an advantageous partner for the Iraqis from both a political and economic standpoint, and the United States must tolerate these relations for as long as they are in the interest of Iraq.

Concerning the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad, Talabani emphasized that “a strong relationship with Baghdad would improve the situation in the region.”

On the Palestinian issue, Talabani said, “I do not support violence toward civilians on either side. The barbaric attacks led by Netanyahu against the Palestinian people must be stopped.” He also said that the only resolution to the issue is to move toward a two-state solution.

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