Original Article (Urdu)

Daily Ausaf, Pakistan
Israeli Terrorism

The Muslim world should support the truth instead of succumbing to the pressure of Western powers.

Translations from the West  
Translations from the East
Global Content In English
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
The Lady in Red
Original Article (German)

"Never go by the SPF listed on the package. "

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
Silicon Valley: Wish Machine
Original Article (German)

"They know what we want. Never before has an economic sector been so driven by the desires of its customers like the digital industry. That is not bad in general. After all, Google & co. have not produced new calamities like napalm or thalidomide. "

Prensa Libre, Guatemala
Regarding a Plan for the Isthmus
Original Article (Spanish)

"Neither McCain nor his radical followers have the ability or desire to understand the part of sociopolitical education encompassed by the proposal to aid the [Central American] region so that it may develop. "

Les Echos, France
What Will Dethrone the King Dollar?
Original Article (French)

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
Superpower Skirmishes
Original Article (German)

"Using satellite photos, the United States is trying to prove that Russia is firing on Ukrainian troops. But the conclusiveness of the photos is controversial. Skeptics remember the 2003 photos purporting to show Saddam Hussein's weapons arsenal. Shortly thereafter, the invasion began. "

Prensa Libre, Guatemala
McCain Shows Ineptitude and Intolerance
Original Article (Spanish)

"So far, the unfortunate game of bipartisan politicking with respect to the immigrant children has been obvious. But what had not yet been shown was the side of inhumanity with which some fanatics address this situation. "

Numerama, France
NSA: European Hypocrisy
Summed Up in One Court Decision

Original Article (France)

Cinco Dias, Spain
The Natural Gas Revolution in
the US: Geopolitics, Economics
and the Environment

Original Article (Spanish)

La Stampa, Italy
American Neo-Isolationism
Original Article (Italian)

"The resurgence of the Cold War is making the U.S. think. Is this neo-isolationism compatible with national interests and security in the long term? "

Nawai Waqt, Pakistan
Pakistan Wants US To Help Restrict Entry of
Terrorists from Afghanistan Border

Original Article (Urdu)

"The United States should cooperate with Pakistan in its efforts to put an end to terrorism and help stop the movement and attacks of militants from across the border. "

Huanqiu, China
Consumers Must Not Become
'Mindless Fanatics' of Western Fast Food

Original Article (Chinese)

Huanqiu, China
China-Latin America Relations:
Never Meant to Provoke US

Original Article (Chinese)

Huanqiu, China
Why Is Germany Using Old-Fashioned
Anti-Spying Methods against America?

Original Article (Chinese)

Lidové Noviny, Czech Republic
The Ukrainian Tragedy: Barack
Obama - Reserved and Vague

Original Article (Czech)

"Can the western states act as though this doesn't concern them, and yet again do nothing? "

Vzgliad Daily, Russia
Original Article (Russian)

"The EU is not in a hurry to play the role of America's fattened pig, saved for the winter. "

Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Vitamin Wars
Original Article (Polish)

L'Orient-Le Jour, Lebanon
Hopes Here, Crises There
Original Article (French)

Al-Ghad, Jordan
Bias Toward the Murderer
Original Article (Arabic)

"What happened to American journalist Diana Magnay, CNN’s correspondent covering the Israeli attack on Gaza, is evidence of the Western media’s bias and the refusal of those in charge to deal with the Palestinian issue with impartiality and objectivity. "

Argumenti i Fakti, Russia
Agony of a Great Empire
Original Article (Russian)

"The United States, continuing to spur the Kiev regime it brought to power toward the continuation of civil war, is bathing in the blood of the Ukrainian people, believing it is thus underpinning itself in the role of world leader. "

Akhbar Al-Khaleej, Bahrain
Allies' Trust
Original Article (Arabic)

Asharq al-Awsat, United Kingdom (Pan Arab)
Tolerant of Obama, Not the Crises
Original Article (Arabic)

"The question of the day: Has the West become tolerant and indifferent with respect to our crises, the simplest example of these being the Syrian crisis? "

Nawai Waqt, Pakistan
Instead of Conducting Drone Attacks,
US Should Provide Information
on Targets to Pakistan's Army

Original Article (Urdu)

"Rather than divide the sympathies of the nation with drone attacks, the U.S. needs to ensure the success of the Pakistani army's Zarb-e-Azb operation by providing information regarding terrorists to the army, so that terrorists may be eliminated from North Waziristan and peace can be brought to the area. "

Nikkan Gendai, Japan
Will America's Anger Make Japan
Abandon North Korea Diplomacy?

Original Article (Japanese)

"If Abe ignores America's warnings and goes ahead with his diplomatic visit to North Korea or provides economic aid, there can be no mistaking that America's temper will flare. "

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The Moscow Times, Russia
US and Russia Still Share
Some Common Ground

Der Spiegel, Germany
Cold Paradise: US Struggles with
Wave of Underage Immigrants

"The biggest problem, however, is that the U.S. seems unable to answer one critical question: Whether it is still a country of immigration or whether it has instead become one of deportation. "

Taipei Times, Taiwan
Spoiling China-US Tango Dangerous

"The US hopes that relations between China and the countries with which it has territorial disputes, like Japan, Vietnam and Philippines, will remain in a state of incomplete conflict resolution — somewhere between war and political dialogue or reconciliation — because this would give the US a reason to continue getting involved in East Asian affairs. "

CBC, Canada
Russia-US Relations Are Chilly,
But Is This a Cold War?

The Moscow Times, Russia
Spying on Russia Is in Everyone's Interests

"Intelligence support, realistically, is the best thing the West can provide to Kiev without the dangers associated with direct military assistance. "

Russia Today, Russia
US Plunging Back to '90s Policies

"What is going on now in Ukraine is the same effort of the special circles in London and in New York to get in control of Russian resources. "

Bangkok Post, Thailand
The Dollar's Global Role Is Shaky

The Daily Star, Bangladesh
Israeli Atrocities and Uncaring USA, UK

Toronto Star, Canada
The US Is One Lousy Executioner

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
After the Worst of Bush, Obama
Comes to a Screaming Halt

Le Monde Diplomatique, France
When Obama Got It Right

Ahora, Cuba
The Tragedy of Immigrant
Children in the US

Bangkok Post, Thailand
US To Maintain Ties With Thailand Despite The Coup

The Herald, Zimbabwe
Obama On Wrong Side of History

The JoongAng Ilbo, South Korea
Monroe Doctrine, Chinese Style

The JoongAng Ilbo, South Korea
Five Theories of Unification

"And second, as infatuated as the South Korea may be with China, its outreach to Beijing is only credible if it is grounded in a strong alliance with the United States. "

The JoongAng Ilbo, South Korea
An Awkward Situation for Korea

The Tripoli Post, Libya
American Spies in Germany: The End of Trust

" If Americans are, on average, no stupider than Germans, then why are their intelligence services so stupid? They collect preposterous amounts of irrelevant information, alienating friends and allies and abusing the civil rights of their own citizens in the process. "

Russia Today, Russia
US and Allies ‘In No Position to Lecture
Anyone on the Sanctity of Human Life’

The Globe and Mail, Canada
Canada Should Look to Europe
on Health Care, Not the US

The Moscow Times, Russia
The US and EU Don't Have a Ukraine Strategy

Der Spiegel, Germany
Keeping Spies Out: Germany Ratchets
Up Counterintelligence Measures

"The fact that de Maiziére and Chancellor Merkel want to move faster underscores just how deep seated resentment towards the US has become and how low hopes are for reconciliation anytime soon. "

Embassy, Canada
American Spies in Germany: The End of Trust

The Straits Times, Singapore
Forceful US Response To Jet Downing Unlikely

"But the stark reality is that the US, despite its massive wealth and military power, does not have the capacity to respond effectively to every crisis that occurs in the world... there are significant limits to US power and often a rhetorically strong but restrained response is more likely to serve the best interests of the US in the long run, even when it is faced with an incident as devastating and tragic as it is today. "

The Korea Herald, South Korea
Disasters In The Centenary of WWI

"The U.S. effectively violates international law by resorting to force without United Nations sanction. It sends drones and secret forces into sovereign countries without their approval. It spies relentlessly on friend and foe alike. "

Maclean's, Canada
America Surrenders in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine

"The President who aimed to extract America from its entanglements abroad is suddenly learning the price of detachment. "

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(Arabic) Auto-translation

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La Tribuna (Spanish) Auto-translation

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Panama America (Spanish)
Prensa (Spanish)

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Canada — Embassy (English)
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O Globo (Portuguese) Auto-translation

Veja (Portuguese) Auto-translation

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La Tercera (Spanish) Auto-translation

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Semana (Spanish) Auto-translation

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El Universo (Spanish) Auto-translation
Hoy Online (Spanish) Auto-translation
La Hora (Spanish) Auto-translation

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Kaieteur News (English)

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Neike (Spanish) Auto-translation
Ultima Hora (Spanish) Auto-translation

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La Republica (Spanish) Auto-translation

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El Pais (Spanish) Auto-translation
La Republica (Spanish) Auto-translation
Observa (Spanish) Auto-translation
MercoPress (English)

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Correo Del Caroni (Spanish) Auto-translation
El Universal (Spanish) Auto-translation
La Hora (Spanish) Auto-translation
Tal Cual Digital (Spanish) Auto-translation
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Azer News (English)
Today (English)
Zaman (Azerbaijani)

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The New Nation (English)

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Greater Kashmir (English)
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Macau — Hoje Macau (Portuguese) Auto-translation
Journal Tribuna of Macau (Portuguese) Auto-translation

Malaysia — Bernama (English)
New Straits Times (English)
Sin Chew Daily (Chinese) Auto-translation
The Star (English)

North Korea — Korean Central News Agency (English)

South Korea — The JoongAng Ilbo (English)
The Korea Herald (English)
The Korea Times (English)
Dong-a Ilbo (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese) Auto-translation
The Choson Ilbo (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)
Hankyung (Korean) Auto-translation
Kyunghyang (Korean) Auto-translation
Segye (Korean) Auto-translation

Pakistan — Daily Ausaf (Urdu)
Daily Jang (Urdu)
Dawn (English)
Khabrain Daily (Urdu)
Nawa-i-waqt (Urdu)
The Nation (English) (English sister paper of Nawa-i-waqt)
Pak Tribune (English)
The Frontier Post - Peshawar & Quetta (English)
The News (English)

Philippines — The Manila Times (English)

Singapore — The Straits Times (English)
The Zaobao (Chinese) Auto-translation

Sri Lanka — The Sunday Observer (English)
The Sunday Times (English)

Taiwan — China Times (Chinese) Auto-translation
The China Post (English)
The Taipei Times (English)
TVBS (Chinese) Auto-translation
The United Daily News (Chinese) Auto-translation

Thailand — Bangkok Post (English)
The Nation (English)

Vietnam — Lao Dong (Vietnamese) Auto-translation
Thanh Nien News (English)
Tuoi Tre (English, Vietnamese)
Saigon Times Daily (English)
Sai Gon Giai Phong (Vietnamese) Auto-translation
Tuoi Tre (English, Vietnamese)
Vietnam News (English)

Oceania & Antarctica
Australia — The Age (English)
The Australian (English)
The Daily Telegraph (English)
The Sydney Morning Herald (English)

New Zealand — The New Zealand Herald (English)

Antarctica —