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Daily Jang, Pakistan

American Glory with
World’s Destruction

By Nusrat Mirza

The only purpose left for its foreign policy is to continue its dominance over the world. Its sole purpose is to bully, threaten and attack other nations.

Translated By Mariam Khalid

18 November 2012

Edited by Lydia Dallett

Pakistan - Daily Jang - Original Article (Urdu)

Americans really enjoy the fact that their military aggression will not only destroy America itself but will bring the whole world to the brink of destruction. It gives them satisfaction that this fear of world devastation is due to their power and because of it all countries will live under this American tyranny. However, they don’t remember getting kicked out of Afghanistan or losing the war with Vietnam. They are like a defeated player who, after losing, thinks tossing the ball against the wall and then catching it signifies his success — this despite the fact that, when leaving the White House in 1961, President Eisenhower discussed the effects of the increasing military industry and said that they should establish a balanced society and not just be a military power. The other sectors of society should also be improved along with the military industry. The increasing military establishment will harm U.S. foreign policy, and its influence in the private sector will create a financial crisis in U.S. society. According to Eisenhower, mere focus on military armament would be disastrous for the nation.

The American people did not listen to Eisenhower and last year spent $700 billion on national defense. This amount is half of the military expense of all the countries in the world [put together]. It is now 5 percent of the national growth, while it was 14 percent in 1953. The U.S. has nuclear and artillery factories but neither can provide jobs to [its] people, nor can they save its sinking economy. That’s why Congress is cutting its defense budget. The only purpose left for its foreign policy is to continue its dominance over the world. Its sole purpose is to bully, threaten and attack other nations. This American barbarism will create more enemies and will isolate it from the rest of the world.

[The U.S.’] justification for the Iraq war is that it has reduced oil prices and the excuse for the Libyan attack was that the West can now benefit from Libyan oil. But is this the only purpose of nations? When a nation presents itself as a bully to the world, its outcome is very dreadful. It finds military solutions for all matters. Eisenhower argued that the spiritual influence is far more important than the imagination of this tyrant nation. The military’s influence has even entered into its culture. The continuous military armament will not only destroy America but the whole world will face its devastating effects. If you see any movie, you will see nothing but devastation and killings and the American agents and bullies will always triumph in the end. The [only] condition is they have to be Americans. Even video games are full of American aggression and the victory always goes to the American, whether he is in China or on the moon.

After 9/11 a lot of military groups were formed in American communities and they are getting ready to destroy the enemy. At this time the enemy is Muslim, so they are killing Muslims. The Chinese are also part of American enmity, as well as the Russians who made Americans so paranoid and insecure that they believe Russian submarines are ready off the coast of New York to attack them. The military tries to influence the American people by doing relief and humanitarian work but the fact is the U.S. military is nothing but a bully.

The Obama administration was unsuccessful in cutting military spending because of the powerful military academy and industrial lobbies and their strong influence over the White House and Congress. That’s why both presidential candidates promised to make the military stronger during their election campaigns. No one in their military academy can tell when their country was not at war and [they] think they are invincible all the time. But they ignore their enormous debt, their financial crisis and the conditions in which they live.



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