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Le Monde, France

Obama’s Re-election
Causes Gun Sales
to Explode Again

By Doublé

Translated By Clare Durif

26 November 2012

Edited by Peter L. McGuire

France - Le Monde - Original Article (French)

Since November 6 the Pruetts quite simply can’t keep up the pace. As in 2008, sales after Obama’s election have gone beyond the “wildest imagination” of the couple, owners of Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo. “Sales have gone through the roof,” confided Mr. Pruett to the Houston Chronicle, adding “it’s wise perhaps to make sure they have the tools to protect their lives, while they are not outlawed by the U.S. government.”

Texans are not the only ones to have noticed a significant increase in gun sales since Barack Obama won a second term. The FBI has also reported an 18 percent national rise in the number of background checks - a necessary step in order to obtain a weapon and an indicator of the growth in sales.

Experts and shopkeepers – who foresee a potential shortage of weapons due to such high demand – attribute this substantial increase to an eventual return to the ban on assault weapons alluded to by Mr. Obama during the second televised debate against Mitt Romney. Introduced by Bill Clinton in 1994, the ban targeted certain semi-automatic weapons; George W. Bush let it expire ten years later.

For the moment Barack Obama, despite being considered by the very influential National Rifle Association as the most "anti-gun" president in the history of the United States, has not dared to intervene. But the July killing that caused twelve deaths in an Aurora, Colorado cinema has slightly rekindled the debate.



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