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Al Arab Al Yawm, Jordan

The Death Throes of American Islam

By Muwaffaq Mahadin

Translated By Joseph McBirnie

17 December 2012

Edited by Kyrstie Lane

Jordan - Al Arab Al Yawm - Original Article (Arabic)

Throughout the Arab world, from the Atlantic to the Gulf, American Islamic groups have unexpectedly entered the countdown stage after exposing their positions on Camp David, Americans, the World Bank and general freedoms.

In just a few weeks, hundreds of people were killed and wounded in the streets of Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Tripoli at the hands of the thugs of American Islam.

There were dozens of pictures taken by Arab revolutionaries during the early days of the Arab popular uprisings, including those of national socialist leaders like Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt, Farhat Hached in Tunisia, and Mehdi Ben Barka in Morocco (the latter two murdered by French intelligence). We have recently seen mass popular demonstrations against American Islamic groups and a significant presence of Nationalist Socialist symbols.

Do American Islamic groups share the concern of these groups or do they side with the U.S. administration and its French and British allies, who reacted with panic to the so-called second revolution?

The Palestinian mood in Gaza and the West Bank toward a third movement in the wake of the merger between Hamas leadership and American Islamic groups engaging in the same game is also striking.

And it does not go unnoticed that a third movement is beginning in Jordan with organized protests independent of Islamic groups that do not conceal their already well-known alliances.

Egypt certainly has its fair share of people historically biased to their national, progressive heritage. This will not accelerate the end of the illusions of American Islam or put Arabs on the road to a national democratic renaissance, but it will end the illusions of the United States and its efforts to renew itself and replace the corrupt, old Arab bureaucratic guards with the new green guard of American Islam.

In addition to Egypt’s desired pan-Arab democracy, the left, the democrats and the nationalists in Tunisia will form a very important ancillary to the Egyptian apparatus.

We are certainly not talking about a few months, but the first step in the historical negotiations has begun.



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