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Braunschweiger Zeitung, Germany

As Smart as Google

By Marc Wichert

Translated By Tania Struetzel

4 January 2013

Edited by Kyrstie Lane

Germany - Braunschweiger Zeitung - Original Article (German)

It’s just like doping: When someone wants to cheat, he will find a way. For Google, this is possible thanks to complicated algorithms and page ranks that nobody really understands. Now, the search engine company has had a stage win and can shine once again: After two years, the Federal Trade Commission has suspended the proceedings against the virtual world power from Silicon Valley. Thus, it is now official, at least in the United States, that Google is a fair competitor and does not disadvantage its rivals such as Microsoft in the ad business. Google can continue its work as before — although not quite. Google had to make a few concessions, such as linking advertising campaigns of clients with other platforms. But Google is still hungry, always thinking a step ahead, inventing new business models and deciding with ever-new algorithms what is in the light and shadow of the web. After all, the majority of people who search with Google pay attention to the first hits. The rest are neglected. That is Google’s power and that is how Google makes money — of which its rivals demand their share. Yet it is just like doping. Whoever is smart and wants to cheat will find ways to do so. And Google is definitely smart.



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