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Al-Yawm al-Sabi, Egypt

The National Salvation Front, McCain
and the Western Umbilical Cord

By Hani Salah el-Din

Translated By Melissa Gallo

8 January 2013

Edited by Eric Schallock

Egypt - Al-Yawm al-Sabi - Original Article (Arabic)

A few days ago, after the vice president of the Freedom and Justice Party, Essam el-Erian, took a trip to the U.S., the left-wing liberal media lobby and leaders of the National Salvation Front accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being agents for the Americans. El-Erian stated that he didn't meet any U.S. officials during his trip and that the reason for his visit was to attend a hearing of the Inter-Parliamentary Union from Dec. 6-7 at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on the role of parliamentarians in peace building. As usual, the Egyptian opposition wove fanciful stories about this visit, far cries from the truth, for the purpose of distortion and character assassination of the figureheads of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite el-Erian's explanation for his visit to America, the fierce campaign against him continued.

Then we found that the leaders of the National Salvation Front, those who were recently heaping insults on the Americans, said after their meeting last Sunday that they have agreed to send a delegation including Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Osama Ghazali Harb, Mohamed Abou El-Ghar and Ahmed Saeed to meet with Sen. John McCain on Jan. 16 or 17. As confirmed by Mohammad Sami, the Dignity Party chairman, the delegation will discuss with McCain the current political situation in Egypt!

I don't know what Sen. McCain has to do with domestic political affairs. Aren't the activists from the opposition, the National Salvation Front, seeking empowerment from abroad and involving Americans in Egyptian matters? Is that not considered a repetition of how opposition movements in some Arab countries have sunk their nations into the mire of occupation? And this isn't in faraway Iraq; this is our outspoken leftist brothers. Do they forget their own constantly repeated hypothesis about staying far from America, the devil of the world, and their distrust of those who approach it? Or is it that their interests require them to close their eyes until these political deals pass peacefully, keeping their mouths shut for a while in order to achieve this mission? The noble aim of bringing down the Islamists necessitates that they reach out to the devil of the world, and the ends do justify the means even if it results in selling values and principles, as if these can be rebuilt and retrieved after the fall of the Islamist experience in power.

As for the position of the liberal activists on this front, communication with the likes of McCain is only a return to the Western umbilical cord, which they have never been able to do without. The liberal activists always sought inspiration for moral and political paradigms from the West, and were strengthened by it more than once. Perhaps the "holocaust" incident in Egypt and the request for Western help to oppose the new constitution is the best proof of the strength of relations between the two parties, but this time they returned to the West with new friends [in the front]. They've cursed the umbilical cord and repeatedly demanded to cut it. However, interests required them to preserve it, as if it won't hurt much to use it just once.

I remind everyone that our nation, which knows and is aware of the facts, will teach a lesson to those who flip-flop politically according to their interests through the ballot box in the upcoming parliamentary elections.



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