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Nawai-Waqt, Pakistan

American President Obama’s
Desire for Peace and Progress

Translated By Fauzia Iqbal

23 January 2013

Edited by Kath­leen Weinberger

Pakistan - Nawai-Waqt - Original Article (Urdu)

The American president, President Obama, while addressing the gathering at his inauguration ceremony, said that the decade of war is ending; we will support democracy everywhere, and that the time had come for making friends out of the bitterest enemies. This is a welcome statement. That the president of a super power is talking about the end of war madness and about turning enemies into friends fosters hope for the future of the world.

If U.S. policies are made in accordance with President Obama's statement, they will propagate peace in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. America will need to take the first step toward promoting this policy, establishing democracy and extending friendship to enemies to dispel the current atmosphere of conflict in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, affecting several countries. It will also need to take a look at its own conduct because American involvement is visible in most of the troubled regions. For this reason, the U.S. will first have to reform those practices of its own which have brewed trouble in different regions of the world and heightened conflict.

If President Obama really wants to see democracy, peace and economic progress in the world then he will need to respect the public sentiments of countries, while refraining from interfering in their internal affairs. At the present time everyone, friends and enemies of the U.S. alike, is critical of U.S. practices. If America now wants peace and progress in the world, it will have to use its influence to solve international disputes. It will also have to avoid trying to interfere in the affairs of others and imposing its will on them.



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