James Dobson is one of the most influential conservative Christians in America. Now he’s up in arms against the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, who he claims distorts the Bible and follows a “confused theology.” Dobson doesn’t approve of John McCain either.

One of the most well-known evangelical preachers in the U.S.A. has sharply criticized Barack Obama. Obama “distorts” the Bible in order to make it conform to his own political beliefs and “confused theology,” Dobson said on his radio show.

Dobson is considered one of the most influential conservative Christians in the United States, where millions of listeners tune in to his daily radio broadcasts.

Dobson condemned an Obama speech in which he said that modern laws shouldn’t be based on Bible passages. The Old Testament, he said, justifies stoning and slavery and condemns eating shellfish.

Obama further said that the Sermon on the Mount was so radical that it would result in abolishing the U.S. Department of Defense if it were applied today. Dobson claimed that Obama was distorting Holy Scripture, saying such passages had to be taken in their historical context.

Dobson also criticized the Republican presidential candidate John McCain saying he had done nothing so far about passing pending legislation in Arizona against so-called same-sex marriage.

Dobson had specifically criticized McCain as early as February before he had even been nominated.

He made known in an opinion piece that “John McCain is not a conservative,” saying further that McCain had done everything to kick real conservatives in the shins.*

Dobson is director of “Focus on the Family,” one of the largest evangelical organizations in America.

The organization is reported to have over a million followers and campaigns for “family values,” especially against abortion and same-sex marriage.

*Trans. note: In his actual statement, Dobson claimed McCain was not a conservative and that he “has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are.”


Is the religiousness of the future U.S. President important to you?

A. Yes, it’s a very important factor: 26%

B. Yes, but it’s only one factor among many: 28%

C. No, it doesn’t interest me at all: 46%

Total votes cast: 113

**Translators Note: The following shows a poll conducted by the newspaper “Die Welt” which appeared on the same page as this article.