Haiti, victim of the earthquake, victim of poverty and underdevelopment… tiny Haiti exposes once again — before the earthquake and after — capitalism's incompetence for solving humanity’s problems.

I am certainly not attempting to discount any efforts that have been expended — no matter how big or small — to ease the suffering of this bereaved nation. But, Haiti tells more than a story; the earthquake reveals more than the disastrous behavior of capitalism.

Do you see them, “capitalists” distracted by further dreams, as they go to save the afflicted?!

I rule this out for two reasons:

Death is death… faced with a country that is dying, a human mind cannot fathom the motivation to steal body parts from this country’s people, or the ones that survived.

They never left a spark of life… What are they looking for in this ocean that only foretells of disaster?

Many organizations near and far became alerted to the West's atypical behavior in the rush for aid... Certainly, this doesn’t negate the swift response by the U.S., whose aid arrived first, accompanied by its military forces!

But… with aid, the swift response, and military forces, the afflicted country suffered on top of its catastrophe the ruins of looting, murder, theft, and rape, as it is still groaning under the claws of daily death and devastation, to present to the world the biggest example of capitalism’s incompetence.

What happened, and is still happening, in Haiti is a testament to international reality… If they were to spend a small fraction of what they spent to destroy and wreck Iraq to save this tiny country — or what they spent on Star Wars — or to invade Afghanistan — they would have saved it. Surely, there is no use now, but we pose a question:

Where is the international ability to rescue?

This follows after inquiring about the state of the economic and social structure of many countries in the world that are threatened by their lack of preparedness to withstand such a natural disaster. Furthermore, what is the responsibility of the global system toward this or that?

What is its responsibility toward the unimaginable suffering that Afghanistan is experiencing?

What is its responsibility concerning the situation Pakistan is facing?

What is its responsibility for poverty and underdevelopment in the world?

What is its responsibility in relation to what is happening in Haiti today?

It is bewildering that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is working on behalf of the ten Americans who were caught red-handed attempting to smuggle thirty children from Haiti for trafficking purposes. They are also receiving support from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, even as they are facing the Haitian judiciary.

Do you see where hope is directed?

There is no hope for the thirty children, for the practice of trafficking children and humans in general, and for the trafficking of human organs that Israel is constantly perpetrating in Gaza, and now in Haiti as well. There is no hope for this problem.

The most important Secretary of State from the most important country in the world, the ultimate leader of global capitalism, is hoping to find a resolution for the ten child-kidnapping criminals!

It is a policy of hegemony where everything in the way of achieving its goals seems small and insignificant.

She finds nothing wrong in protecting the offenders.

The ones that are busy selling weapons to Europe, Asia, and the Arab Gulf, see the issue of Haiti’s children as a minor case in need of a solution for the accused Americans.

What is going on?

If they suppose socialism has lost its match in the world, is it necessary for international morality to sink?

For how long must the peoples of the world bear all of this suffering?