There are no results that are so extraneous, yet affect us so directly. The American people have shown signs of a lack of democratic awareness and responsibility.

The defenders of social and civil rights have decided to stay at home and have left their country in the hands of those that had placed the world at war (the Iraq war), had put them in a tremendous financial crisis and have increased the power of the groups of the far right (known as the tea party). These results are going to put the rest of the world in check.

Lest Spain should commit such an error, all citizens should mobilize, with a critical and constructive spirit, but not allow ourselves to take a step backward in what for many of us is fundamental: the state of social welfare, quality public services (health, education) and the guarantee of retirement pensions and dependency.

Mariano Rajoy is ready to crown himself as leader of the neoliberals. It is logical — his party is neither centered nor is it socially responsive.