Although absent from the global headlines, Republican Mitt Romney's name appeared on several pages that the SOPA law does not want us to see, proclaiming him as the sure winner of the presidential elections to be held in November 2012.

The reason why they were so sure was exposed concisely in those pages (the Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis): “The owners of the 'Washington D.C. Corporation' have already decided on Mitt Romney as the new president of the United States. … The corporate media propaganda machine is also in on the decision.”

Motivated by curiosity I felt driven to do an experiment so that, together, my dear readers, we can prove in a test tube manner what we’ve always heard: In the United States, the entity that elects the president is Wall Street. The rest is just a show. Debates, surveys, rises and falls, scandals and gossip are what give people the sense that they, with their votes, are the ones doing the electing.

This tale would be incomplete if the story of what surrounds this decision wasn’t told. According to these same pages, at this moment a fierce and silent battle is being waged between Wall Street and an adverse, powerful and emerging organization.

I asked myself, if this were true, why would Wall Street be forced to start negotiations with this mysterious organization? I found the answer in those same pages: A “top hacker” group logged into a number of bank accounts and took unimaginable amounts of dollars that were under the names of the members of the so-called Committee of 300 (also called Club Bilderberg), whose documents are signed by none other than England’s Queen Elizabeth.

Among the demands of the “hackers,” it is said, is an audit of the real accounts and the elimination of all the fraudulent funds of the system; the issuance of dollars controlled by the U.S. Congress and not by the Federal Reserve (which is private) — these dollars will have a different value than those that are actually in circulation in the international markets; the opening of a project called “Area 51” and other similar secret projects; and the freeing of six thousand patents that have been blocked by the crude oil transnationals, among them the production of “free energy.”

The unification of the two Koreas is also mentioned in this matter, as well as a subsequent fusion with Japan. In the meantime, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will be aiming their oil production toward China and making transactions in the Renminbi (given the instability of the dollar). Greece would have made it clear to the United States that it wouldn’t pay Goldman Sachs. The United States would restructure its debt with Japan and would pay 90 percent in gold from the Philippines. Also, there’s a group of 127 nations called “The Monaco Group,” which is working in a proposal to establish new financial institutions that will manage the world’s economy. On the other hand, the cartel announced that Mitt Romney would be the next president of the United States and that it won’t accept interferences in the matter.

Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, and now the media of Wall Street presents him as the favorite to face Barack Obama. The ex-governor rubs shoulders with the members of the called “tough line” of the party that are characterized by their anti-immigrant and racist views.

Either way, the supposed negotiations between the “cartel of Washington” and those who oppose them is an argument among elephants, in which the grass (us) can end up hurt if we are not alert.

This is the experiment I propose to you, my dear readers: Let’s put the data in an enclosed time capsule, and let’s observe the outcome. If the name of Romney is “winning” in the polls, we will know why.