Americans are stupid. It's no longer a secret. But the reason for their stupidity is a subject of dispute. There are some who attribute their stupidity to a cleverly woven conspiracy. There are people behind this conspiracy of stupidity; some of their names are well-known. This article will reveal some of their names, but the list is long. Besides the conspiracy, there is another reason for the stupidity of Americans: Americans don't watch Arab TV. Doesn't this make them stupid? There is no end to the instances of stupidity among Americans.

Let's begin with medicine. America spends billions of dollars trying to cure diseases like AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's, etc. They don't realize that the medicine is now available. If they had been tuning into Arab TV, they would have learned that a military doctor came up with a way to cook away AIDS and Hepatitis C. If America knew about this, the conspiracy weavers would have to address this scientific conquest. Maybe they said (ignorantly, of course) that the blood was cooked and "slightly burned" before the heat flattens out the virus. Names associated with the conspiracy of stupidity include the American Health Institute (financing $35 billion worth of research annually), the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Human Genome Project, the American Medical Association and others designed to keep America in the dark about the AIDS and Hepatitis C cooking machines.

Strengthening the conspiracy, the American company Gilead Sciences offered Egypt a 99 percent discount on the price of modern medicine to treat Hepatitis C, making it accessible to millions of affected Egyptians. It doesn't matter that the drug required many years of laborious research by a large group of organizations and militaries from all over the world. Maybe this is part of the conspiracy. Who knows?

Let's turn to the issue of outer space. Does America want to know the secrets of space? Easy: It needs only turn on the Arab TV to see those who know the most specific details about mapping the stars, even though none of them studied dumb sciences like physics, mathematics, astronomy (not astrology), chemistry, biology, radiology, etc. Why are there American organizations working for decades studying sociology, human behavior, psychology, communications, probability and statistics, etc.? What is it with all the excess stupidity? Simply turn on Arab TV to see, day by day, those who know the finest details of human behavior by looking at tarot cards or the stars.

Doesn't America know that these intelligent people know the effect the stars have on human brains, down to the most accurate of details? But America insists on listening to Western scientists; they may never find out how to measure the effect of stars on the brain of a human being walking the streets of New York. Of course, it's probably all part of the conspiracy. This time, one of the conspirators has a well-known name: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

In American politics, there is no limit to the stupidity. Perhaps the most well-known acts of stupidity are seen in the tremendous efforts of political institutions, beginning with those who study political science and economics in universities and moving to the efforts of specialized institutions, such as the Brookings Institution, the RAND Corporation, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Stratfor, the Project for the New American Century, etc. Worse still is that the institutions are enriched by academic relationships with universities like Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and others, in addition to countless research institutions.

Add to that the councils working with political institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Why so much effort? It should be enough to watch Arab TV, to listen to the faces speaking with complete confidence and complete contempt for anyone who opposes them; listen to them elaborate on what will happen tomorrow and the next day and the next, or what will happen this year and in the years to come. There are knowledgeable Arabs on TV, and they give future documentation for events to take place in politics, society, economics and so on. Why exert any effort to learn when the knowledge is at your fingertips? All you have to do is hit the remote control and turn the TV to knowledgeable and familiar Arab stations....

What? How else am I supposed to describe this endless tragedy? Long ago they differentiated between Arabs and Must'arabs. But now one might, in the same way, differentiate between the severe and the downright horrible. The cry of the Arab poet Muhammad Mahdi al-Jawahiri rings in the ear: "The world laughed at the ignorance of the nation." But the world no longer laughs at "the nation," because it is too busy with science, knowledge and development. All the while the Arabs descend into a collective suicide. From beginning to end, limitless ignorance.