Since the dramatic events of last September, the Americans have begun a dangerous new attempt to redraw the region’s borders — geographically and demographically, on the basis of ethnicity and sectarianism — carried out under the banners of “democracy” and the "war on terror.” The intent of this plan is to throw the region into chaos. America has led Arabs and the world into a number of traps. Falling into those traps will result in the Arab world’s step-by-step destruction — even though over the last few years, we have seen Gulf leaders transformed into America’s lapdogs — as well as revealing the true face of America and its hidden alliance with Iran.

America ignored the rise of the Islamic State, other Syrian and Iraqi extremist organizations, and the subsequent threats to the Gulf region — probably because its previous schemes to sow chaos in Egypt and the Gulf through Bahrain failed. We have a new phase of American deceit, with its return to using mobs of people and "the global war on terror,” but this time, this includes all the regimes it failed to bring down by turning them into allies in the “war on terror!”

But one question remains: Since the beginning, who else but America and Iran could have been providing strategic and intelligence support to Sunni and Shiite extremists to carry out terrorist attacks in the name of Islam? Has America suddenly changed its strategy to bring down the Arab world? Does it intend to bring down all the existing regimes so it can hand them over to Sunni and Shiite extremists? Will the war on the Islamic State group, with its $500 billion war chest, become a new method to prepare the Arab world to be chopped up as America wishes?

Why was the Islamic State group allowed to gain all this money? Why are they saying this war will take years? Do the results benefit Arabs, or do they benefit Iran? Will the Assad regime remain — as the Americans want it to — to bait or blackmail the Gulf states? Is it mere coincidence that the Houthis entered Sanaa during the distracting din of the war on the Islamic State group? How many more Sunni — always Sunni —civilians in Iraq and Syria will be killed or displaced in the name of the war on the Islamic State group and the "war on terror?"

If this is indeed a “war on terror,” what about the state terrorism perpetrated by Israel? What about the terrorism perpetrated by Iranian agents throughout the Gulf and other Arab countries? Or Hezbollah’s terror against civilians? Or Assad’s terror against civilians? Or Maliki’s before his fall? Or that of his successor? Or Houthi terrorism in Yemen? What about the American terrorist strategy of the new century, which is to sow chaos in the Arab world, fracturing and displacing its peoples? One can see this strategy being implemented in Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, the Gulf, and who knows where else.

How is America still able to fool the Arab world and everyone else into thinking it is the center of the world, and that everything must revolve around it and its choices about the — selective — "war on terror," all despite America’s policy of providing Sunni and Shiite extremists with strategic and intelligence support, making America a wellspring of global terrorism?

America’s political, diplomatic or military maneuvers in the name of the — selective — war on Islamic State group terror, ultimately aim to bring the Arab world under Iran’s heel, while fooling Arab regimes into thinking it is in their interests, even if the evidence says otherwise. Iran’s political maneuvering, part of an alliance or not, deliberately obscures this by making it appear as if America/the West and Iran aren’t working together, or that they have nothing to do with the Islamic State group. Despite American and Western lies, their cozy secret relations with Iran are obvious, as usual.

To clarify, in the end, they will fight the Islamic State group and all other terrorist organizations, but this clarification will always bring up another question about global terrorism: Which do we find in every country in the Arab world, the Islamic State group or the Shiite terrorism Iran is using for Persian nationalism and bringing the entire Arab and Muslim world under its control? That is what they envision, along with making it appear to Arabs and the world that neither Iran nor her allies use terrorism. This includes Israel, and of course America, considering it is [sic] “leading the war on terror!” So, what new trickery will the next few years unveil? Arabs will pay the price of course, and in the end, the beneficiaries will be the secret allies, America-Israel-Iran, and who else?