Despite the coalition’s claims that the United States is waging a war on terror, reality clearly indicates the opposite. The media on the ground also reveal that this is not the case, and report something unexpected of the alliance, particularly of the United States, the coalition’s godfather. These reports confirm that three days of intervention could wipe terrorism in this region off the face of the earth.

So why then is America lying? They are not fools, and are doing it for several reasons. The U.S. is very comfortable with the recent chaos in the region and the emergence of such organizations. It expects a lot out of them and continues to produce more of them in the style of those in Qatar and Libya. Second, America, which is only allied with Israel and oil, wants to ensure that the Zionist entity is secure and prosperous, while it continues to maintain the low price of oil. Third, America wants to transfer as much chaos into the region for as long as possible so that it does not experience another 9/11.

This perception takes us to the primary factor, which would change the rules of the game: the consideration of Syria as a member of the coalition against terrorism. Because Syria has fought relentlessly against terrorism, its presence outside of the alliance remains incomprehensible and reveals the true character of the war as a farce. We all know that the Kurds have fought against terrorism, but they wanted revenge of a different sort. However, 300 of the Assyrian Christian community have been attacked, and nothing has been done. The European Christian community reveals the bitter reality that no good deed goes unpunished. To defend all Christians in the world, the Christians of the East, who believe in the prophet different from all other prophets, should be defended.

This is the painful picture of what the Islamic State has caused among them and the Arab populations, the excessive murders and destruction of historic mosques, churches, and the contents of the Mosul Museum. So, should we not value humanity and civilization when confronting these barbarians? However, these acts are reprehensible regardless of who is responsible, whether it is the U.S. with the help of the Turks or even some Arabs.

The situation in the region will remain catastrophic so long as the U.S. continues on this path and continues to support rather than hamper the Israelis. The ability of hardcore Europeans has yet to be seen, and we can agree that you should have an alliance that includes people in the region, particularly Christians.

We do not believe that it is too late to re-examine U.S. policy against terrorism. America is a superpower that can still move from falsehood to truth, if it will only eliminate terrorism in just a few days, in less than five steps. But first, it must stop all the arming of the ridiculous Syrian moderate opposition, as there can be no moderation with guns, extremism and terrorism.