The worst is never certain, and yet, with the results of the latest U.S. primaries just in, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Trump and Clinton will battle it out in the election campaign next November, and that Donald Trump could very well become the next U.S. president.

According to the more serious publications (such as The New York Times or The Washington Post), it seems that in light of the current political situation, voters will make their decision depending on the candidates’ abilities to move and entertain, rather than convince.

As such, despite being largely qualified for the role she so desires, Hillary Clinton lacks both the charisma and capacity to manipulate the current socio-economic issues and the resentment of the lower classes toward the political elite to her advantage, a skill that Trump has mastered among his audiences. So, for the Democratic candidate, this is a weakness that will prove difficult to overcome.

Buoyed by his own success, Trump will most likely succeed in using these same tactics to condemn his opponent’s far-from-perfect political past. And yet, with the worst never being certain, we remain ever hopeful that this won’t happen, and that Trump will instead crash and burn. As Canadians, we remain more hopeful than most. For us, neighbors and allies, the disastrous potential outcome of this theatrical election could lead to extremely severe consequences.