- Origin of information?

Martha’s Vineyard. Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton held several fundraising parties on this traditionally wealthy resort island. U.S. President Barack Obama took his family on vacation there for 16 days. Earlier, the media had reported that Obama would support Clinton at the fundraisers, but during Clinton’s stay on the island, Obama strolled on the beach, watched fireworks, and ultimately did not show up at Clinton’s fundraisers. On the Daily Mail’s headline, the word “snub” was used.

- Is “snub” too harsh of a word?

Perhaps, but Clinton threw a 70th birthday party for former U.S. President Bill Clinton while Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went out for dinner, and did not attend the birthday party to wish Bill Clinton a happy birthday. In this political world known for its effortless gestures, this was a purposeful absence.

- Special reason for Obama’s avoidance?

One of the fundraising events was hosted by socialite Lynn de Rothschild. In the past, she had openly disparaged Obama. In 2011, she had said that part of the reason Obama became the Democratic presidential nominee was his race. She had also said that Obama was a “loser” and was “going to bankrupt America.”

- Entrance fee for Clinton’s fundraisers?

At a cocktail party held in the home of Frank Biondi, the former CEO of the entertainment giant Viacom, 600 people attended, at prices ranging from $600-$27,000, to get a glimpse of Clinton.

- Besides twists and turns on fundraising, was there other controversial news about Clinton over the weekend?

The New York Times reported that during an FBI investigation on her use of a private server, Clinton told the FBI that it had been a suggestion from former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, as if she were blaming Powell for the responsibility of her illegal use of a private server while she was secretary of state. Powell told the New York Post that it was a year after Clinton had started using the private server before he had the opportunity to email her about him having used a personal email account. However, Powell stated that he had never used a private server like Clinton had while he was the secretary of state. In addition, his emails did not contain classified information, and the restrictions on using public computers to send private emails were not as strict when he was the secretary of state, as they were when Clinton was. Powell said that he believed Clinton was now trying to “pin the blame on him” for the responsibility of her use of a private server.