Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. America will regret it badly.

Something has happened that half of the U.S. and nearly the whole world was afraid of. The Oval Office will belong to an ignorant imposter, a lout and a liar who preys on people's weaknesses. He is someone who adores Putin and favors U.S. isolationism. America will be sorry for that. It will pay a high price for this election result. But unfortunately, it won’t only be the U.S. that pays.

Trump not only has a crazy nature but also crazy ideas, which his voters do not understand. If Trump abandons his ideas, his voters will feel as if they were cheated again. If he implements them, his voters will get hurt. Protectionism in trade will raise prices. Lowering taxes will help the rich. Fulfilling Trump’s promises will mean that America's debt will explode. Trump's supporters, those who condoned intolerance and isolationist slogans and until now were quietly hanging out on the margins of the political scene, have advanced to the very top.

Why Did Trump Win?

Trump is unpredictable. And this is why on the Monday before the election, after the FBI director issued a new letter that could have tipped the scale in favor of Hillary, stocks went up. The day after the election, they dropped sharply.

Trump managed to impose the narrative of this election on voters. He gave the middle finger to political correctness. It wasn't a national debate regarding challenges and problems, but rather a mudslinging contest. This contest was won by the one who did not have any compunctions; one who was loud, aggressive, presumptuous and not disgusted by telling egregious lies. Someone who doesn't censor his words and who left decency in the locker room.

In that kind of contest Trump was unbeatable. Compared to the man gunning the revolution, Hillary sounded prosaic. But governance is about prose and not poetry. In a dangerous and nervous world, experience and knowledge are essential. Trump lacks both.

America Is Badly Shattered

Apart from the mess that will occur with the economy and international politics, which time may mend, Trump can and probably will make a gift to the U.S. that will be felt for years to come: changing the Supreme Court, something which will reverse the achievements of the last 40 years. It will be a court that ignores women's rights, minority rights and the protection of the environment. It will kill President Barack Obama’s health care law in no time.

The last time the U.S. experienced this kind of deep division was during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. America is emerging badly shattered after the election. Half the country is in deep shock and scared. Half the country is waiting for a miracle. Populism has triumphed.