What is most incredible isn’t that Donald Trump unleashed another deranged childish Twitter rant last week, spitting blood and bile at a pair of news anchors. Nor is it that this Sunday, the commander-in-chief of the United States resorted to a guerrilla attack in his holy war against CNN.

What is most incredible isn’t that Trump humiliates the dignity of his position, of his country and of his language every time he turns his impulses into words.

What is most incredible isn’t that he has told 100 lies in the five months since his inauguration, as The New York Times described last week.

What is most incredible isn’t that his favorite foreigners are Russian, Filipino or Saudi tyrants.

What is most incredible isn’t that the president of the United States, with the possible exception of the president of North Korea, is the most unusual leader on the planet.

What is most incredible isn’t that his total worldly knowledge can fit inside of a Coca-Cola can.

What is most incredible isn’t that the most powerful man on the planet will be the daftest and irresponsible of his class when he meets with leaders this week at the Group of Twenty summit in Hamburg.*

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping all know this perfectly well. You, dear readers, know it perfectly well. A large majority of the members of U.S. Congress, Supreme Court justices and the governors of 50 states also know it. The members of his Cabinet, obligated to treat him like a spoiled child, a mad dog or a feudal king, must know it as well.

That is what is incredible. The most incredible and most perverse thing in the period in which we live is that Congress, the Supreme Court, governors, and members of the presidential Cabinet withstand this lunatic holding the most powerful position on the planet. That they haven’t removed him for the good of his country and humanity. That they haven’t turned to the Constitution or common sense or to whatever it would take to force his exit. That they haven’t followed the logic of the Republican Party senator who last week said, “Please, just stop,” as a response to the grotesque presidential tweet against two reporters.

If he were the manager of a local McDonald’s, he would have been fired already. But no. The days pass, we wake up in the morning and still, there’s Trump.

Has there ever been a leader throughout history whose inconsistency between the global reach of his power and the foolishness of his character has been more abysmal? Maybe a Roman emperor. I welcome my readers’ suggestions.

*Editor’s note: This article was written prior to Donald Trump’s attendance at the G-20 Summit, but the editors’ feel its sentiment is still relevant.