The open letter that Jeff Flake, the current Republican senator from Arizona who won't be running in the next U.S. midterm election, wrote to President Donald Trump on behalf of his children and grandchildren, on behalf of the world in which he became senator, and on behalf of his party, said enough is enough, and sounded an alarm for the danger that we're all in. Trump is a shaman, an apprentice president, and clearly has failed. Until someone removes him, if that happens before the next election, we have to be aware of the costs that will be incurred.

While Trump is dedicated to striking out and pointing out the profound crisis that the current world is slipping into, the only thing he does is put the limits of reality versus fiction on the table, revealing the conflict between an explosion of emotions and a formulation of politics. Inside the Republican Party, an anti-Trump movement has started involving candidates seeking re-election in 2018, moderates and those dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, even though not all have risked political suicide like the current president of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Bob Corker, who will not run, and Flake himself.

Since the time of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, who worked closely with Abraham Lincoln to win the Civil War, or since Dwight D. Eisenhower and his ties to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, there has been no change in the determinative role of the military in following the elected commander in chief, a fact that has led to a catastrophic situation with regard to defense, politics and overall order in the Northern empire.

This phenomenon has not only precipitated the crisis in Europe, the loss of values and moral benchmarks, the exit from the international stage and Latin America and the increasingly strong repositioning of the equitable leader called China, but also, Trump, with his inconsistency and his games has put and continues to put the stability of the world in danger. The problem is figuring out why it’s being allowed and what can be done.

To start, from a political field, it should be pointed out that there are risks associated with fighting one another and discrediting the enemy as if it were a New York gang war, and risks associated with ignoring the policies that could keep our planet in the best environmental condition. Such fighting is suicidal, dangerous, and could end up being unresolvable.

We've arrived at a point where we can no longer wait. This first year under the real estate tycoon's leadership has been marked by frivolousness, coarseness, mediocrity and failure. The people are never wrong, even when they're wrong, and, in this case, it's more important to understand what the game will be like for the rest of the institutions that make up what, until now, has been the greatest democracy in the world, the American democracy.

But many questions remain: How are the investigations faring regarding Russian interference in the last election? How are the investigations faring regarding the thin line between the personal interests of the presidential family and public service? What is the state of ethical reference points having now been so spoiled by a way of government characterized by fighting, disputes, and in the case of Mexicans, by permanent insult without the formation of political alternatives?

Trump proposes plans and makes offers that, in the background, don't even serve his electoral base. The anger and boredom of those who voted for him was what carried him to the White House, but now that anger may be even greater if, beyond the job market, he proposes to return to a way of life that no longer exists, and that, as even the dullest people realize, if we continue moving toward such things as extracting and burning carbon in the way we did before, the only thing we'll achieve is universal catastrophe.

The reality show has become reality and now we're waiting for a miracle to happen, even though at these high stakes, it would be difficult for that to happen. Whatever the case may be, the apprentice president has failed.