Donald Trump wants Americans to buy American. That much is clear. But evidently not even the president's bodyguards are wearing "Made in America" uniforms.

No other message is associated with U.S. President Donald Trump quite as much as "America First." The elimination of free trade agreements, discrimination against foreign companies—these will supposedly help the United States achieve new economic greatness. At one point, Trump used his Twitter account to personally expose American companies that had tried to move jobs abroad.

But a new U.S. government report shows that not even the uniforms of Trump's bodyguards are manufactured in the United States. Trump, who even introduced a "Made in America Week" in his time in office, has now found out that even employees of the Secret Service, Homeland Security and other agencies wear apparel that has been, for the most part, produced abroad.

Cost Increase of 50 to 150 Percent

Many of the countries that export products to the United States are South American, such as Honduras or El Salvador. But no other country produces as many uniforms as Mexico. This will annoy Donald Trump more than anything. After all, he railed against the neighbor to the south during his election campaign and has been threatening Mexico with the construction of a wall.

Back in April, Donald Trump issued his “Buy American and Hire American” executive order, which is meant to favor American companies when government contracts are awarded and to prevent misuse when work visas are issued to foreign nationals. One part of the regulation stipulates that every federal agency is required to check for compliance with the newly adopted guideline.

According to a report in The New York Times, Homeland Security employees claimed that they could source uniforms solely from the United States. But the "Made in America" sticker in each item of clothing would come with a 50 to 150 percent price increase—costs nobody wants the American taxpayer to bear.