The first year of Donald Trump's administration was like his troubled, hurried, and yet successful businesses: always a reason for news and fierce criticism.

That same turbulent personality figure found himself leading one of the most powerful countries in the world, and one can see the impact, risk and fluctuation involved in the arch-billionaire’s first year in the White House.

For now, Trump is treading lightly because his actions could prompt a federal government shutdown since the Senate didn't approve the federal budget.

Incendiary remarks wouldn't be a problem for a businessman or a TV star, but they are a problem when a president of an influential nation is involved.

Ever since the campaign, his arrogance was questionable, but it is clear now that he sought votes to fulfill his goal of destroying everything left by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The first controversy arose with his hostile position on Mexico and an obsession with completing the wall; two immigration issues as well as the abuse of Latinos and immigrants in this country without documentation. His international policy has been all over the place. From the tension in relation to Cuba (a relationship that was improved by Obama) to declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, he comes up with some remark to set off sparks every time. His evident inability to compromise in an effort to ease global warming has generated tension; his convoluted treatment of North Korea keeps the world in suspense.

The title of a controversial book called “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” describes the pulse of the first convulsive year of his term, although, as Santiago Estrella, this newspaper’s journalist responsible for the international section, explained in IDEAS last Sunday after reading it, the book is no big deal. Still, it contains anecdotes about an administration that will be characterized by an abundance of scandals and extraordinary controversy.