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Moscow and the EU Unite Against the USA

November 15, 2008 // Wiener Zeitung - Austria - German

Russia and the European Union have set a course toward normalizing relations this week in the posh city of Nice on the French Riviera. Relations had suffered since Russia’s military involvement in Georgia. The newly found unity appears to be based in opposition to a third party, the United States, in two different [Read more]

Can Obama Govern?

November 8, 2008 // Die Presse - Austria - German

In a country threatened by recession, debt and high unemployment, giving out rhetorical happy pills won’t be good enough.

"America first" or "Global Village"

November 4, 2008 // Der Standard - Austria - German

The choice between Obama and McCain is not only the business of U.S. citizens. It is also a concern of Europeans - and for good reason. Recently, people have been saying that no matter who wins the election, Obama or McCain, it won’t make any difference to the world. The new president will have to worry about [Read more]

Stuck in theAfghanistan Trap

October 22, 2008 // die Presse - Austria - German

Europe is in for a hard time in the Hindu Kush – especially if Barack Obama is elected President. One rule that all militaries try to observe is the one that says whoever goes to war must be prepared for worst-case scenarios. In Iraq and Afghanistan, that rule was apparently ignored. With the mistaken assumption in [Read more]

Loss of Faith

October 22, 2008 // Kurier - Austria - German

The crisis is destroying America’s spiritual foundation – its optimism. The optimism of Americans is ever astonishing. The hope for a better future, not brought about by government or a winning lottery ticket, but one that people create with their own hands and a lot of courage, seemed unshakeable among U.S. [Read more]

Barack Obama’s World Tour

July 20, 2008 // Wiener Zeitung - Austria - German

With his journey to Europe and the Middle East, Obama carries his election campaign out into the world where he is awaited with friendly curiosity. Officially, Obama is appearing as the Democratic candidate for President; unofficially, he has become the person on whom the world’s hopes have been pinned.

Because Austria is Not Panama

May 5, 2008 // Kurier - Austria - German

Schwarzenegger can not become US President because he was not born in the United States. Why then can McCain, who was born in Panama? There are three criteria in the U.S.-American constitution that a candidate must satisfy in order to enter into the President's Office; he must be at least 35 years old, he must have [Read more]

No Goodbye to the Cold War

April 10, 2008 // Die Presse - Austria - German

Putin and Bush have proven at their last joint meeting that neither wants to renounce historical differences. They have always been a peculiar pair. Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush have perhaps understood each other so well, because they share the same preferences and mistakes. They can give a virtuoso world [Read more]
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