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50 Million Dollars a Day

August 18, 2009 // Folha Online - Brazil - Portuguese

Except for two business days when money was lost in the second quarter, the U.S. bank Goldman Sachs earned $50 million or more per day between April and June. During this same period, there were 46 days that had gains of over $100 million a day. In total, the bank was $3.4 billion in the black for the quarter. [Read more]

Obama Faces Neo-liberal Hegemony

June 30, 2009 // O Estado de S. Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

Finally, eight months after the explosion of the world financial crisis, concrete measures were proposed and are being made effective by both Barack Obama’s administration and the European Union (EU), with an aim to reinstate state and communitarian control over the issuance and circulation of financial products. It [Read more]

Increased Control Over U.S. Banks

June 23, 2009 // O Estado de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

Two years after the burst of the biggest financial bubble since the 1930s, the U.S. government has presented a plan to discipline the market and make banks less keen on taking risks. These regulations are designed to make the consumer and investor, as well as the entire economy, safer. In this particular case, “the [Read more]

Obama's Help Won't Save Jobs at GM

June 8, 2009 // G1 - Brazil - Portuguese

Obama's administration is putting a lot of money into GM – giving more than 50 billion USD last time – something that characterizes a clear nationalist policy. The goal is saving an authentic American company, whose bankruptcy would hurt the national pride more than the economy. In fact, President Obama is [Read more]

American Shrinkage

May 16, 2009 // Folha Online - Brazil - Portuguese

But the post-World War II progress that created so much wealth and prosperity is finally showing signs of decline in the current crisis. It has turned against the United States where it spread too fast, like a metastatic cancer affecting the entire body.

Lula and Obama: "Chemistry" and Banks

March 12, 2009 // Folha Online - Brazil - Portuguese

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva bets that he will have "good chemistry" with his American colleague, Barack Obama, in their meeting this Saturday in Washington. It will be their first personal meeting, although they have already spoken on the phone. More important than concrete, administrative topics, Lula is [Read more]

Climate Has Changed for Climate Negotiations

March 6, 2009 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

Officials linked to negotiations for an international agreement about climate are living in a moment of changes in the climate: Barack Obama's administration did a 180° turn on the American position about the topic when it included profits from a future carbon control system in its oficial budget. In fact, it means [Read more]

Obama's Budget

March 3, 2009 // Estadao - Brazil - Portuguese

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, began to make good on his campaign promises when he presented the main ideas of his budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2010. The plan includes more educational spending, the first steps towards health care reform, higher taxes for families with annual incomes of [Read more]
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