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Hong Kong

Obama Gives His All Before Term Ends

February 6, 2015 // China Review News - Hong Kong - Chinese

The public tends to believe that as Obama’s term reaches its end, he will overcome domestic and international restraints to achieve his goals ... and leave behind a significant legacy.

Hong Kong: Russian TV Denounces an American Plot

October 14, 2014 // Les Echos -

The conspiracy theory is back. According to The Wall Street Journal, state-owned media in Russia are suggesting the existence of a plot, organized by the Americans, behind the protests in Hong Kong. These insinuations, the newspaper underlines, are similar to those made in Russia in order to denounce pro-democracy [Read more]

Bigger Fish to Fry for US

September 29, 2014 // The Standard - Hong Kong

While it has become President Barack Obamas top priority to eliminate the IS threat, he knows America cant do it alone. It would give the global alliance being formed a huge boost if he can persuade Beijing to join in.

China and Russia Increase Cooperation To Shatter US Domination

June 2, 2014 // Wen Wei Po - Hong Kong - Chinese

On the eve of his visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that China is a reliable friend of Russia. Expanding interaction with China is, undoubtedly, a priority for Russia’s foreign policy. The two countries will work together to oppose attempts to falsify history and make the intents of the fascists [Read more]
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