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Janet Yellen

When Central Banks Hose Stock Markets

December 16, 2014 // Agora - France - French

Voilà, it is done: On Nov. 28, the S&P 500* clocked a sixth consecutive increase. This time, the weekly profit capped at 0.03 percent despite the 0.25 percent lost last Friday. Now, nobody will ever doubt the diabolical precision of algorithms. The S&P 500 also established a new absolute record at 2075.76 points a few [Read more]

US Federal Reserve Likely to Raise the Interest Rate

December 10, 2014 // Hankook Ilbo - South Korea - Korean

There’s a feeling that the United States Federal Reserve will soon raise the interest rate. The Fed Beige Book analysis, published on Dec. 3, stated: "Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest that national economic activity continued to expand in October and November. A number of Districts also [Read more]

The Masters of the Universe

May 31, 2014 // As-Safir - Lebanon - Arabic

The “masters of the financial universe” met on the 18th floor of a modern building located in the Swiss city of Basel. The meeting featured Janet Yellen, director of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and Mario Draghi, director of the European Central Bank, along with 16 other leaders of the financial world. The meeting [Read more]
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