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Nicolas Maduro

Another Scandal for Trump

November 12, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Since before Trump officially took office in January, the contradictions and confusion between the public and private have been a personal trademark of his administration.

Venezuela: The Military Option

October 11, 2017 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

The speech by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, before the General Assembly of the United Nations, was one of the most aggressive and intimidating ever uttered by any leader in this setting. Correspondents from multiple media outlets already had information on the topics the president would address [Read more]

Venezuela – The Elephant in the Room

August 7, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Two dozen Amazon tribes people – men, women and children – camp under the open sky on the side of a freeway. The voiceover tells us that we are in Boa Vista, capital of the Brazilian state of Roraima, on the Venezuelan border. Poverty, begging and neglect; nothing new there, apart from the origin of these people, [Read more]

Cuba Wants Money, Not Democracy

March 24, 2016 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

The threat of ruin is what has driven Castro to look to the United States, a turnaround that will prevent him from being able to claim that things on the island are not working because of its “imperialist enemies.”

A Shift in Relations between Venezuela and the US?

July 18, 2015 // Tal Cual Digital - Venezuela - Spanish

The Bolivarian revolution has multiple fronts open both on a domestic and international scale. In this context, relations with the United States and Colombia have been some of the most complex we have seen, since for years they have been irrationally managed. Now, when the crisis is in one of its most critical phases, [Read more]
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