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A Historic Reform

April 1, 2010 // El Comercio - Spain - Spanish

The health care reform the U.S. House of Representatives hurriedly approved constitutes a historic triumph for President Barack Obama, who has gambled his political future on realizing that which six of his predecessors, from Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, have not. Despite the fact that his popularity will be [Read more]

Tension Between Obama and Israel

March 29, 2010 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Washington should know that the primary threat to peace isn’t the issue of the Jewish settlements, but rather the determination of Iran in its plans to build up its supply of nuclear arms.

The Health of Obama

March 28, 2010 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

During the last few months I have noticed a notable drop in support — both inside and outside the United States — for the presidency of Barack Obama. Memories are short. People forget that Obama inherited more problems than he created. In foreign policy, the Bush-Cheney administration established a set of [Read more]

Bittersweet Victory

March 25, 2010 // La Razón - Spain - Spanish

... we are seeing a reform that is watered down, that has divided the country, that will be denounced by at least 11 states and that does not have the support of the majority of its citizens.

Joseph Biden’s Myth

March 24, 2010 // - Spain - Spanish

The settlements were never the problem in getting the Palestinians to negotiate. Nor were they the reason for Arafat refusing to sign a peace agreement or for impeding the Oslo accords, the “road map” or any of his other promises.

The War at Home

March 23, 2010 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The United States has been too occupied with wars far from home in the last 10 years to notice that there is one growing at the doors of its own house. The assassination of two American citizens and one Mexican on the streets of Ciudad Juárez a week ago has been the trigger that has woken the neighbor to the north out [Read more]

Obama and the 27 Dwarfs

March 23, 2010 // Abc - Spain - Spanish

Obama and the E.U. are visibly showing signs of their old disputes and differences that remind us of Europe’s fragility. With an East Coast style of arrogance, Obama unexpectedly slammed the E.U.-U.S. summit’s door — which Spain hoped to preside over at Madrid — remarking how badly Washington stands the [Read more]


March 21, 2010 // - Spain - Spanish

Netanyahu is a credible leader for many Arabs, while Obama has lost much of his credibility.
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