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Obama “Can’t” Do It!

October 12, 2009 // ABC Spain - Spain - Spainsh

Delegates of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are now realizing that Obama is just like any other man, made of flesh and bone. This comes after the IOC treated the people of Madrid so badly, determined to follow their hunch that Obama would bring something big to the table. Eleven months after soundly winning [Read more]

The U.S. Won’t and Brazil Can’t

September 25, 2009 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The United States has no interest in remaining the power responsible for stability and good governance in Latin America. That was an uncomfortable task in the twentieth century. With the USSR gone, American politicians now feel no potential threat to national security coming from this region. Cuba seems like a frail [Read more]

The White House Doesn’t Fear Racism

September 23, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Over the course of this week the White House has been trying to avoid the thorny subject. But today the president was due to appear on 5 different political programs – something that has never been done in presidential history – to rule out the idea that the harsh criticisms that he is receiving for his attempt at [Read more]

Healthcare Is Tying Obama Down

September 14, 2009 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Only seven months since beginning his mandate, Barack Obama already seems to be a president exhausted and overwhelmed by complexities. A wide part of this image derives from the convolution of the troubles he is faced with: a serious global financial crisis and Afghanistan’s distant and complex war. Nevertheless, [Read more]

Obama’s Coming Autumn

September 10, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Obama has had a bad August and enters an autumn in which he is going to have to opt for something that, until now, he has avoided by dodging media criticism with his rhetorical magic. But in Washington, after a vacation to the exclusive island Martha’s Vineyard and an eight-month grace period, he now needs to [Read more]

The Last of the Kennedy’s Patriarch

August 31, 2009 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

Patriarch and lion, fireproof senator for more than four decades, persecuted by the shadow of the president he could not be, zealous guardian of a saga that remains orphaned and without a possible heir. Edward Moore Kennedy died at the age of 77. A cerebral tumor detected months ago ended his life. The last great [Read more]

“Obamania” Has Not Reached the Muslim World

August 26, 2009 // ABC Spain - Spain - Spanish

In a radio speech yesterday, the president of the United States sent his best wishes to the Muslim world at the start of the month of fasting for Ramadan. However, his efforts to improve his image in the Muslim world still are not paying off. One of the most reputable public opinion researchers in the United States, [Read more]

Weapons, Drugs and Democracy

August 25, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

There is no doubt that today’s Latin America offers governments of varying orientations. Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic are all places of moderation. Some identify more with the left and some more with the center, but none leave the democratic space nor traditional relations [Read more]
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