Bush Says in Iraq, Everything's All Right …

Everything’s all right in Iraq. This is what the U.S. President George Bush is saying. The country couldn’t be closer to a civil war that would destroy everything. Instead, everything’s all right.

Human rights violation came out of Abu Ghraib to people’s houses from Basra in the south (where the British troops are) to Mossul in the north (where US troops are), and in spite of this, everything’s all right.

From the start of the invasion up to now, the number of Iraqi killed has surpassed 100,000. Every day there are 50 additional victims, but despite of this, everything’s all right.

Among scientists and college professors, there are counted 160 dead. Science research centers are in ruins. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

The Iraqi State or what’s left of it is an empty shell. It has become nothing more than several sectarian and racist factions preying on one another. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

Iraqis not only miss security, but they also miss electricity and potable water, and are humiliated from standing in front of gas stations for hours on end, even though their country had some of the world’s largest oil reserves. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

Under Iraq’s old regime, things weren’t perfect. Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was working on producing nuclear weapons and threatened the security of the U.S. and its allies. Iraq was coordinating with al-Qaeda, offering it help and support, and therefore had to be terminated … so everything becomes all right.

But the old regime in Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, nor a reactor to produce a nuclear weapon, and therefore was not a threat to the security of the U.S. or its allies. The only crime of the old regime’s leader was that he escaped the punishment of the Iraqi people, who had suffered so tremendously from his crimes. It was a dictatorship that violated people’s lives and property. The American forces of occupation used these sufferings to their own advantage and as justification for committing the worst crime in the history of modern Iraq.

It is true that a bad regime has fallen. But it is also true that on its ruins an even worse occupation regime has taken hold. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

There are statistics which prove what President Bush said. Those statistics were released by USA Today and show that the daily number of air strikes against targets in Iraq rose in the first 2 months of the year from 11 in 2004 to 14 in 2005 to 30 in 2006. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

U.S forces have destroyed Fallujah and from there proclaimed the destruction of the Iraqi resistance. Since that proclamation, Fallujah became a trap for U.S. forces where dozens have been lost. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

Even in the U.S. itself, the popularity of the President has fallen to its lowest level since entering office. Moreover, at 35% his popularity is lower than any previous president, which means that 65% of the American people oppose his policy in Iraq, consider the war unjustified and believe that it had disastrous impact U.S. interests and at the same time, America’s reputation. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

After beautifying the crimes of President Bush, the man that chose this war, the neo-conservatives who planned the war (even before the crime of 9/11 in New York and Washington) – after realizing the size of the catastrophe which has hit not only Iraq, but the U.S. in general and the Republican Party in particular, are now divided and exchanging accusations with one another. And in spite of this, everything’s all right.

The only benefactor of all this misery in Iraq and consequently the Arab world, is the Israeli project. The Israeli project aims to tear people apart and divide, along religious, sectarian and racial lines. It is here and here alone, that everything looks all right.

Could it be that this is what President Bush is referring to?!

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