Iran Touts 'Transparent, Positive' Answer to West's Nuke Proposals

Tehran: Iran’s response to the West’s proposed package includes “very positive and transparent signs,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hamid-Reza Asefi on Wednesday.

[Editor’s Note: 5+1 Group [The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China] have offered a package of economic incentives for Iran to stop enrichment and build nuclear power plants that use other types of fuel. Iran sent its 20-page response to the six countries on Tuesday, two and a half months after the offer was made. Iran’s offer to participate in “serious” negotiations over its nuclear work has been dismissed by analysts as another effort to prolong the talks while it develops its program.]

Asefi stressed that Iran’s nuclear issue will be resolved peacefully and without tension through negotiations if Europeans and others pay due attention to each of its transparent and positive points.

“Tehran’s response is very comprehensive and includes the Islamic Republic of Iran’s attitudes toward the continuation of negotiations,” he said.

Asefi reiterated that Iran’s response is the outcome of great effort and careful study by committees of experts, adding that it also shows Iran’s goodwill in resolving the issue.

“Iran’s timely response indicates that the country is faithful to its international commitments and is pursuing peaceful and transparent activities,” he said.

Asefi further called on the 5+1 Group [The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China] to examine Tehran’s response precisely, saying that negotiations between Iran and the group are expected to resume ‘as soon as possible.’

The Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated that negotiation is the only logical solution to Iran’s nuclear case.

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