Spitzer Case Exposes the American Left

Call Girl Scandal

Spitzer Case Exposes the American Left

American liberals and leftists have certainly made quite a fuss when Republicans have been involved in sex scandals! They find the current case of Democratic New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, on the other hand, to be “tragic.” This hypocrisy shows why the United States has an urgent need for a President Barack Obama.

New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer has just finally resigned. He needed three days to realize that his meetings with professional prostitutes from an international call girl ring and his payments for their services, hidden from the taxman, were no longer a “private matter.” And now we wait to see this time whether American liberal and leftist groups will at least finally take a good look at the entire situation.

The left-wing activists have had hardly anything to say about it on the political blogs now that it is one of their own who is involved in a sex scandal, instead of a Republican like before. Only the “Huffington Post” is taking up the topic just as resolutely, as it does so with the moral transgressions of the political opposition. But apart from it, it’s really almost always: Spitzer? Spitzer, now who is that again? Who was he, who is he? We talk about the weather. We talk about Clinton, Obama, and especially Bush. The headline of one very important left-liberal blog was “The culture of George Bush corruption continues” exactly one hour after Spitzer’s departure. The headline atop an online poll on the same blog was “Spitzer’s Resignation: Tragedy or Just Bon Voyage.” Most people voted for “tragedy” in that poll within the first hour following his resignation. The online magazine “Salon” also spoke of “tragedy,” just as did a female columnist from the “Washington Post.”

Is everything only tragic because Spitzer is a liberal?

Tragic? What is “tragic” about someone who deceives his family, evades taxes, breaks state and federal laws, and someone who as governor is supposed to be collecting taxes and upholding laws? What is “tragic” about someone who first of all looks to deny everything and declares it to be a “personal matter”? What is tragic about just utilizing the services of the call girl rings he investigated as Attorney General? Is the reason why everything is now suddenly just “tragic” because this time it involved a liberal?

Just like in the fall of 2006 when the bloggers were all worked up that a Republican Congressman sent outrageous and explicit e-mails to young male congressional pages. What really got them worked up was when it was leaked that Republican Senator David Vitter was a client of a Washington call girl ring. What really got them worked up was when Senator Larry Craig was in an airport restroom and made an explicit request to someone in the next toilet stall to engage in lewd sexual conduct. For the liberals, this was absolute certain proof of the total degeneracy of the conservatives.

Clearly, the liberals have naturally been taking pleasure in paying back for all the years of having to endure insults from the conservatives. The loud, often vulgar conservative radio talk show hosts had so rightly earned this payback for once. These hypocrites, who have always behaved as paragons of virtue and placed the liberals under blanket suspicion of treason and paganism, believe that they have a monopoly on the true way of living. Right! Now the tables are turned, which is what anyone would have done.

The United States needs Barack Obama

But unfortunately, it’s all obvious once again to anyone who looks at the handling of the Spitzer case to see just what is going on here: political excitement, gloating, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and ideological boasting and grandstanding by people, who for years have thought that they have been right all of the time.

Whoever wanted to have proof for how badly needed Barack Obama is as a front-runner, can now look to the Spitzer case. Obama is something different. As a liberal, he makes the case that the right to exist simply should not be deprived, but is to be sought out. He wants to win Republicans over to himself instead of trashing them. It was doubtful up to now whether his likely opponent John McCain would be permitted to run for the White House at all because he had not been born on American soil. This was all cleared up legally because Obama and a female colleague in the US Senate introduced a proposal indicating that McCain would be allowed to run. This is why McCain is going to be a dangerous opponent for Obama throughout this campaign.

That had style. That had class. The dreadful polarization, this terrible friend-foe mentality of right- and left-wing blockheads could come to a fitting end with Barack Obama. The silence of so many left-wing activists with the Spitzer case lets one really hope that this ending comes as fast as possible.

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