Obama, Absent for a Long Time?

Obama, absent for a long time?

Nine days away from home is long, very long. Especially when one is a candidate for the U.S. presidential elections. Yesterday, Barack Obama completed his European tour in London. The Illinois senator met the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for nearly two hours. As in the interview with Nicolas Sarkozy Friday, the two men discussed international issues including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The Democratic Candidate emphasized the “deep and lasting affection” and “gratitude” of Americans towards Great Britain, which has been committed to working alongside Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq. A few hours earlier, Barack Obama had received the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the representative of the Middle East Quartet.

Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Germany, France, Great Britain, Undoubtedly, claimed Barack Obama as the highest officer of the supreme court during his week abroad, winning him an international stature that he was somewhat lacking. He has proven his popularity abroad, especially in Europe. However, in a short term, the strategy might be risky. “I would not be surprised if this had resulted in a decline in the polls. We have been out of the country for a week. People are worried about gas prices, and home foreclosures”, Obama, the African American candidate, acknowledged yesterday at the press conference he gave alone in the garden of the 10 Downing Street residence of the British Prime Minister in London.

He is Ahead of his Opponent by Only 1 to 6 points

This decrease has already been recorded this week. Although he still has a slight lead over his Republican opponent John McCain, Obama’s popularity has eroded in the polls. According to the relevant organizations, he is no longer credited with a six-point lead over his opponent. An opinion poll published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal, emphasize that 55% of American voters believe that Barack Obama would be the “most risky” choice for the presidency of the USA, against 35% for John McCain. The same poll says that 58% of the voters, against 47% identify themselves more with the values and the record of Republican than those of Democrats. More worryingly, another study released on Thursday shows that John McCain has taken the advantage in Colorado and he follows close behind Barack Obama in Michigan and Minnesota – two states considered crucial by the Democratic camp for the November election.

McCain conquers the field again. During the absence of Obama, he chose to focus this week campaigning on economic issues, including the rising price of food and gas, and to survey the country. The Arizona Senator was thus seen in small grocery stores in Pennsylvania. On Thursday, he had lunch at a restaurant in Ohio, which specializes in sausage. “I would like to make a speech in Germany, but I prefer to do so as president of the USA rather than as a presidential candidate,” he said perfidiously. This is one way to say that he is dealing with the everyday issues of Americans.

Playing Basketball with Troops in Afghanistan

However, yesterday, Barack Obama wanted to legitimize his tour. “One of the reasons why this trip seemed important is that I am convinced that the problems we face in our country will not be fully resolved if we do not have strong partners abroad”, Obama explained. For some political experts, Barack Obama‚Äôs international tour was an excellent decision, shrewdly calculated to make a mark in people’s minds. The American media, some of which, had sent their celebrity anchors to cover the event, showed pictures of the trip continuously. No American could escape Barack Obama’s playing basketball with American troops in Afghanistan, praying in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, or speaking to a crowd of over 200,000 people in Berlin.

The Illinois senator could use this achievement in the elections at the end of November. For now, he will have to return to the concerns of his citizens. This will be done as soon as this morning, since he is appearing on television – on shows in which John McCain will be present.

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