Fear of the Black Man

Jerome Corsi has a goal: He wants Barack Obama to lose the U.S. election. A book, in which he disparages the candidate, is already a bestseller only a few days after its release. Obama would not be the first Democratic candidate that Corsi causes to falter.

The Presidential election in the United States is becoming dirty. Since a couple of days ago, the new book by Jerome R. Corsi is on the market. It promises the truth about Barack Obama, the black candidate of the Democrats. The title: “The Obama Nation-Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” The Americans are running in droves to the bookstores. On Sunday the work will already be in first place in the non-fiction Bestseller list of the New York Times, reports the newspaper. A mega-seller. The publishing house immediately had a half a million copies printed.

For the Democrats, the publication of the Obama-lampoon is a deja-vu. Four years ago, it was John Kerry as you know, who as Democratic presidential candidate just barely lost to George W. Bush. Jerome Corsi also wrote a bestseller about Kerry. “Unfit for Command: Swift-Boat Veterans speak out against John Kerry,” read the title. The book followed TV commercials that defamed Kerry’s reputation as a war hero in Vietnam. The veterans denied that Kerry was an exemplary officer and portrayed him as an untrustworthy comrade. The TV commercials were disputed. Even the Republican senator John McCain called them “untruthful and very, very wrong.” But they harmed Kerry enormously. Many conservative and patriotic Democratic supporters began to doubt Kerry. It was also to no avail that many of the veteransÂ’ statements were found to be unbelievable or fictitious.

That is probably also the case with Corsi’s disclosures about Obama. But the Author has already laid the foundation, ensuring that enough of what he says he has discovered, will stick. He has already given a hundred interviews since the beginning of August on radio programs and he has made his views clear to the New York Times: “The goal is for Obama to lose the election.”

The shots that Corsi is firing to do this are in truth rather small. The Senator from Illinois is supposedly in reality a much more radical and farther left wing figure than he had previously admitted. And he has developed an exaggerated cult of personality. He has veiled his extensive ties to Islam and probably experimented for a longer time with drugs than he admitted. Should he be elected, he would lead the US in a “costly and self-destructive” direction.

An Obama presidency would be nothing other than “a repeat of the unsuccessful extremist policy” that the Democrats have had since the ‘60s. Tough stuff is something else.

Nonetheless, the book is explosive. In contrast to Kerry, who the voters already knew for many years, Obama is a mystery for many voters. And even Kerry stumbled over Corsi.

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