Obama Can’t Save the World

Obama will disapoint for sure

As of now Obama will not only disapoint many European supporters, but inevitable also many of his own voters.

To be clear: Last night there was no outbreak of paradise. Yet the best choice was made given the dead end alternative. Ofcourse Obama has stupid points of views as well on weapon possession death penalty and Israel, but these are common in America.

That Obama won was not unexpected, but still remains a sensational fact. That a non-white can achieve to be the president of America has an enormous psychological impact- not meaning that everyone can achieve it: that will remain the illusion of the newspaperboy-to-millionaire ideal.

Saterday Volkskrant correspondent Philippe Remarque has given given a part of the explanation; It’s demography,stupid. The Republicans realized to late that their traditional, small civil white supporters can not longer dominate as a result of the massive immigration. By not playing the ethnic card, Obama became ‘normal’ to many whites, while at the same time he stayed one of ours for the blacks. Furthermore Bush made an unintentionally contribution to break down the racial barriers for Obama, by protecting Colin Powell en Condoleeza Rice.

A very big minority did not elect Obama.


Important to realize:not ‘America elects Obama’, but a small majority of the Americans elected Obama, and a very big minority did not. At the same time this data from now on will seem fairly irrelevant, because our ‘polder’ system is alien to Americans. Like Gerhard Schroder said in 1998 after his minimum election victory: ‘A majority is a majority and we will use it’.

The mental divide cross America stays deep, and the quistion is if Obama can raise himself now as the reconciliator, that Bush also initially promised to become-but did not , because for that he had to have given up to many of his own positions. This also applies now: Certainly Obama created domestic expectations.

He will nevertheless disappoint not only his European supporters, but inevitable also many of his own voters, just like the ANC back then in South-Africa, because he can not make up for centuries long arrears just like that. The more because many of his promises will , looking at the financial crisis, turn out to be build on quicksand.

But McCain would, on account of his continuing denial of the facts, get America in even more trouble.

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