Chavez: The United States Must Open their Fists

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, recommended a change in politics today to the United States if the country wants to receive the extended hands of the people south of its border.

In his Sunday column, Las Lineas de Chavez, the Venezuelan president indicated that Barack Obama assumed the presidency of the United States “in times of grand expectations from a world that says Enough is Enough, in the presence of so many attacks from an empire in decline. Obama has said that if the leaders who want to create conflicts are trying to open the fists, then ‘we will extend the hand’,” recalled Chavez.

After commenting that it is the Southern Hemisphere that has suffered “the punches of the North American Empire,” the Venezuelan president argued that “the government of the United States is precisely who really needs to open its fists”.

From between the extended hands of the entire world will undoubtedly come the revolutionary soldier and millions of Venezuelans, full of brotherhood.

While Chavez recalled this in his writings of only some hours ago, Fidel Castro has already pointed out the true challenges of the new president of the United States.

However, in spite of all previous tests, Obama has not passed the most important of all. What will he do when the immense power in his hands becomes absolutely uncabable in overcoming the insoluble antagonistic contradictions of the system?

Ironically, the Brazilian President, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, also stressed the necessity to speak with Obama “before the machinery traps him.”

Meanwhile, in the middle of turbulent world events, Venezuela will continue, each day more fervently, its political battle for the Constitutional Amendment that divides the patriots and the colonists, Chavez has said.

Chavez has asked to redouble the general defense, “throughout the front and throughout all parts, “with a mobilization “hour after hour, day after day, house by house, street by street, county by county, city by city.”

The intention is to achieve the approval of a referendum of a constitutional amendment that eliminates the limit on the number of mandates that can be allocated from president of the Republic, governors, mayors, and deputies.

The chief executive agent finds it necessary to pulverize the powerful campaign of disinformation, which is based upon manipulation and deceit. Namely, the tenets of “indefinite reelection”, and he then explained that reelecting requires the obligatorily call to elections.

Whoever inspires to continue in the office of popular election has to surrender to the verdict of the people, explained Chavez, who warned that nobody can put themselves in power if the voters do no elect them.

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