The White House Puts Photos on Flickr

Edited by Robin Silberman

Barack Obama’s Technological Turning Point


The White House has chosen Flickr as the official online photo sharing service, under the policy of openness and transparency between the government and citizens. Recently, Flickr signed an agreement with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to enable the federal agency to use the photo sharing site. The White House was the first institution to create a profile at, where they already published photos of the first 100 days of the Obama presidency.

Therefore, also with thanks to Flickr, President Obama continues his actions in favor of greater citizen participation through social media. Everybody knows that Obama used Flickr during his electoral campaign, loading more than 50,000 images.

The uploaded images in the White House album shows the Obama administration from a new perspective, rarely viewed by the American public. Having seen an unprecedented interest in his own life during the American election, now Obama will offer, thanks to social networking, an original view of his daily life as president.

Besides viewing the uploaded photos, it is also possible to add the White House to one’s own contacts. As a contact, you can be updated in real time on Obama and the administration from an absolutely original point of view.

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