On a Razor's Edge

The U.S. and Venezuela ambassadors returned to their positions after both of them were temporarily suspended, but neither one of them wanted to talk about the way they were sacked from their respective countries.

Both governments are aware that their ambassadors returned without resolving the situation that led to the unexpected expulsion. Amb. Patrick Duddy was expelled by Venezuela in solidarity with President Evo Morales of Bolivia, who removed the U.S. ambassador.

The U.S. responded reciprocally, expelling Amb. Bernardo Álvarez of Bolivia from Washington. One should also keep in mind that immediately after the Trinidad and Tobago Summit and the Chavez meeting with President Barack Obama, the Venezuelan President announced the designation of Roy Chaderton Matos as the new ambassador in Washington.

However, everything indicates that the ambassador’s return is ceremonial. It is said that Duddy is returning to America for a short period, while the Venezuelan Álvarez was nominated as president of the ALBA bank. He is also thought to be returning to Washington, like Duddy, to his former position.

The US has insisted on the normalization of relations with Chavez’s government, although the Venezuelan president hasn’t changed his anti-imperialist rhetoric. In a word, the Ambassadors Duddy and Álvarez are returning to their positions walking on a razor’s edge.

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