The Future of Al Gore

The future of Al Gore

The memory loves simplicity. Edison discovered the light bulb, Marconi the radio, Freud discovered the unconscious and Einstein, relativity. Just so, 100 years from now, Al Gore will be known as the discoverer of the greenhouse effect. The question is how Gore will be remembered: Freud or Einstein? Fool or Prophet? Until recently he was honored as a prophet. But the skepticism regarding global warming is gaining ground.

In one year, the number of Americans who believe in global warming has fallen from 71 to 57 percent. This is not because skeptics are suddenly so convincing, but because scientists are losing their credibility.

First, global temperatures in the past 10 years, although high, are no longer rising. Scientists can explain that, but their evidence is not discernible. Meanwhile, the media feast on the affair of the stolen environment e-mails, which suggests that scientists are particularly vindictive liars, and their greenhouse effect is an academic conspiracy. Occasionally, we hear the call that all research must be done again.

Tuesday, NeppĂ©rus, a member of the liberal Dutch party, the VVD, suggested in the house of parliament that an “independent investigation” be carried out to show whether or not the climate scientists are correct. This investigation, we may assume, must be carried out by scientists who have never heard of the greenhouse effect.

There is no going back. Science has spoken, and the focus has shifted over to politics. It’s no longer about the facts, but about convincing people.

In his book, “Our Choice,” Al Gore writes, “simply laying down the facts will not work.” Gore trains clerics from all denominations to spread his message, as if it were the word of God. He is sure that God is on his side. Always good to know. However, the greenhouse debate is not about whether or not God exists, but whether we can trust scientists and the government. And that confidence is low and continues to decrease. The same also applies to the reputation of Gore.

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