Same-Sex Marriage

The New York State Senate passed a law recognizing the right to gay marriage. More prosaically, this state, the most populous in the United States*, recognizes unions between same-sex couples: man and man, woman and woman.

In England, the very official Church of England cannot be accused of a lack of consistency. Indeed, after ordaining the first female bishops, the Church is about to authorize gay bishops. One dean, Jeffrey John, entered into a “civil partnership” with another priest in 2006, surely to live a life of celibacy or “chastity”!

These strange events are troubling the hierarchs and the faithful in Africa. The proof? In November of 2010, two months after Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to the United Kingdom, three Anglican bishops announced that they, along with two other defectors, were joining the Catholic Church. They wanted to show their opposition to the ordination of female bishops and the blessing of homosexual unions.

On a whim, a man in Italy married to a woman wanted a sex change. Surgery helped him with that easily. So, the state is now demanding a divorce because she (he?) no longer has the attributes of the man who, years before, entered into a real heterosexual marriage with a real woman!

The United States, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal … the list of abolitionists of sacrosanct, biblical marriage will grow. According to one philosopher, the more one develops physically, the more one’s mentality returns to the state of nature: to the wild. With the Yankees, as with the Europeans, the topic of gay marriage has always gone through society to take on more political trappings to the point of influencing elections in favor of or against its supporters or opponents.

What do the Africans think, far from the delight exhibited by the international media? The debate here is surreal. Listen to a baobab responding in dialect after meticulously staring at the insolent questioner.

“Would there be gay and lesbian loudmouths today if mom and dad never existed, or their grandparents or all their ancestors? What will become of Europe and the United States in 50 years when ALL Europeans and Americans have been converted to gays and lesbians through epicurean license. Africans, get ready to colonize the Atlantic and the Mediterranean too.”

*Editor’s note: New York is in fact the third most populous state.

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