Oil Is the Heart of War

It is the duty of true Arabs to stop what has happened to two of their rulers, first Saddam Hussein and then Moammar Gadhafi, from happening again.

The people of the West, particularly America, united to kill them.

In the case of Saddam, it was America that made war against him and occupied his country, claiming afterward that there were weapons of mass destruction, but it was proven before America invaded Iraq that Saddam did not have atomic bombs or chemical weapons, and that he had stopped production. Despite this, America declared war and invaded his country.

When American forces took possession of Saddam’s because of betrayal by some of his men, Washington ordered Saddam’s trial and insisted on his execution as a criminal. The reason for all of this was Iraq’s oil.

In the case of Gadhafi, it was America that insisted NATO go to war with Libya, or in other words, go to war with Gadhafi. America announced that it was not participating in a war on Libya’s rocky battlegrounds, and when they liberated the great Tripoli from Gadhafi, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the first Western official to visit Tripoli and confirm that America would be granted concessions and oil contracts.

It was NATO’s planes that led Libyan rebels into Gadhafi’s hiding place in Sirte and thus they seized the Libyan revolution. Again, oil was the reason that NATO was eager to make war on Gadhafi. Therefore, oil was the goal of war in Iraq and Libya.

Also, in terms of Syria and Yemen, the West is hesitant about its role in liberating the people of these countries because neither of them has oil, and therefore the West is in no rush. They allow people in these two countries to be killed because there is no temptation of petroleum.

America, in particular, rushes to liberate the Arabs from injustice, since liberating the Arabs through democracy begins with liberating oil for the West.

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