America Is the Archenemy of the Arabs

Edited by Keturah Hetrick

Does any Arab doubt America’s hostility toward him or contempt for his personal affairs and moral upbringing? Is he unaware of just how much disdain America has for him? Does he not sense the disregard for his future or feel the pain of American fangs in his children’s flesh?

I will give the Palestinian cause as an example, one that Arabs consider the epicenter of their emotional life and political thought. Notice that America, the giant, the strongest force on earth, uses its electronic abilities to confront the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and erects the Iron Dome to defend Jews who are armed to the teeth with deadly American weapons. When the brute force of the Zionists was defeated, the American president sends his secretary of state to mediate a ceasefire!

Then notice that this giant America devastated Iraq with missiles, attacked Lebanon, destroyed Afghanistan without mercy, struck Pakistan with missiles, bombed Yemen, and threatens to use its brutal weapons against Iran. This is the same America that is unable to slap a single Jew on the wrist for seizing Palestinian land and is too “small” to convince Netanyahu to put a temporary halt to building settlements.

Which America is this that protects tyranny and demands that both sides show self-restraint when Netanyahu announces the building of 3,000 settlements in Jerusalem? Which America scorns Arabs in the U.N. and vetoes the resolution denouncing Israeli settlements or discourages U.N. members from giving Palestine non-member observer state status? Is there still an Arab who believes that America, which threatened to veto the declaration of Palestinian statehood in the U.N., would actually support creating an independent Palestinian state by way of negotiations?

America, which safeguards democracy and claims to respect the freedom of nations’ self-determination, does not recognize Arab rights in political life. Instead, the U.S. publicly objects to democracy in Arab countries and expresses its concern when President Mohamed Morsi consults the Egyptian people and sets up a referendum on the constitution. This is because America still sees itself as the guardian of the Arab mind and does not view the Arab as someone worthy of living freely in his own land. The U.S. does not allow the Arab to practice his right to fairly choose his leaders or freely outline his own future.

America is the archenemy of the Arabs, and this country that bows its head to Jewish leaders deserves no glory. It has contented itself with becoming, by their order, a settlement of resentment and hate. America is humiliated by the shackles of these Jewish leaders.

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  1. I would like Arabs to know, there are many, many Americans like myself, many Jewish Americans too, who are appalled by our government’s continued enabling of Israeli injustice against the Palestinian people and pray that this last vestige of European colonialism is gotten rid of, so the Palestinians can finally be allowed to go home.

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