Against US Pressure, We Choose Life

In December 1981, the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin initiated the Golan Heights Law, which applied Israeli law to the region. On the day this law was deliberated, Begin arrived at Knesset in a wheelchair — to ensure that the law would pass the three required readings. The American administration at the time was furious and decided to impose sanctions on the state of Israel, including the cancellation of large figure acquisitions. Begin did not remain silent, and explained to the American president via the Tel Aviv ambassador that Israel is not an enslaved entity of vassals and is certainly not a banana republic.

Jimmy Carter is no longer the president, and Sam Lewis is no longer the multitalented ambassador. Only the Golan Heights are an inseparable part of the state of Israel, and nowadays no one can deny that the process of annexing the Golan was almost prophetic in light of events currently occurring at our northern border.

This week, another argument erupted between U.S. President Barack Obama and the Israeli government. The American administration, displaying a complete lack of understanding of events in the Middle East, is urging the Israeli government to adopt ceasefire proposals from Turkey and Qatar, whose purpose is to allow Hamas to be bailed out from the grip of the Israeli Defense Forces surrounding it in all directions — sea, air and land. The IDF, for obvious reasons, avoids publicizing the extent of destruction of Hamas strongholds, but anyone with an understanding realizes that the Dahiya district is considered luxurious in comparison to Gaza’s violent neighborhoods.

It is the leadership’s duty to take care of the interests of the state, even if they do not coincide with the wishes of the U.S., which under Obama’s administration cannot tell the difference between good and evil, between light and darkness. In every place the U.S. has intervened, only scorched earth remains. As opposed to other countries, us Jews in Israel don’t have an improvement program. We must stand determined and united to protect our right to exist.

Unfortunately, Obama’s advisers formulate their opinions by reading an English edition of an Israeli newspaper; a newspaper which gives any reader the impression that Israeli society is desperate, weak and subdued. The Americans are greatly mistaken in regard to the courage and strength of the Israeli people. It’s true that Israelis want to live well, travel abroad, buy new cars, discover that the stock market is strong, and that the economy is booming. It’s completely natural in a country whose people are normal and not suicidal. However, as soon as the citizens of Israel realized that this is a real war for their home, there is no left and right, no rich and poor, no Tel-Avivites and all the rest; our fingers — which are normally spread open to welcome — clench into a deadly fist against those who rise against us.

Israel’s citizens know to be grateful to American administrations for their generous help in days of peace and war. American assistance also allowed the development and stationing of the Iron Dome, as well as the ability to stand in the arena against a hostile world, which has exchanged anti-Semitism for anti-Israelism. Yet in the clash between our right to live and gratitude, choosing life comes first. Choosing life is the ultimate Jewish commandment.

Before Western civilization collapses against Islam, which is colliding and crashing into it, the U.S. should consider its moves carefully. It would be a shame for the history of humanity to judge President Barack Obama as responsible for neglecting the values of freedom and liberty.

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