Dick Cheney, the Great Hawk

Since the days of the Revolutionary War, both doves and hawks have been harmoniously flying over U.S. skies. Unfortunately, the latter have always been more numerous than the noble doves. Wars have been a constant in the history of this country. There have been so many that they seem similar in number to those suffered in its time by the Roman Empire.

Rome was always at war, and this was one of the reasons that caused that vast and powerful empire to disappear. Wars served the Romans to expand their power, but also to destroy it. The United States, with its wars, expanded its territory when there were only 13 colonies, from the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean to the coasts of the Pacific, snatching lands from Native Americans and Mexicans alike.

The hawks that were flying over these regions in those years kept flying to this day; thus, wars have been overlapping with each other, like links in a chain, with no way to contain them. The doves that have also continued flying through the skies of this country do not have the force or numbers to contain the endless advance of those fierce hawks.

The most famous of the hawks currently flying over Washington skies is former Vice President Dick Cheney, the man who advised President George W. Bush to start a war against Afghanistan and the mind behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq, who should be behind bars for being a war criminal and for crimes against humanity.

This man — who, if not imprisoned, should at least be retired to some place where nothing was ever known of him — has never stopped, not even for one moment, during Barack Obama’s presidency, criticizing the president’s foreign policy. Apart from being the great hawk, this gentleman has also adopted the shape of a kingbird, for his persistent emphasis on criticizing Obama.

It turns out that a day before President Obama addressed the nation to “explain” to the people of this country that he was a hawk too, and therefore was starting a new American war, this time, against the so-called Islamic State, the kingbird-hawk Cheney went to the U.S. Capitol so he could speak to the legislators of his party and tell them what, in his opinion, President Obama should do.

According to Mr. Cheney, the U.S. should be firmer, more aggressive, more violent, and never should have pulled the troops from Iraq. In fact, what Cheney is offering is nothing new to him: It is the theory of a permanent and infinite war.

One of the representatives present in the meeting with the former vice president said there was no controversy over the comments Cheney raised to the legislators, and that no one challenged his assertions. “I think that his analysis and the information he shared was accepted as pretty accurate,” he commented.

Of course, they were not going to contradict or question him because, according to one of the legislators who was present, “most of us think we did the right thing in Iraq.”

One who does not share this view is Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid, who upon learning of the meeting, stated:

“I think they better be very careful with the advice that they take from Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is more responsible than anyone else for the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the country: the invasion of Iraq.”

Well, I do not know if that was the worst decision this country has made in terms of foreign policy because, in my opinion, there have been others as important as that one: The Vietnam War is a classic example of a completely erroneous policy, and what Obama is about to do with Syria might be another.

What is certain is that the war policy Dick Cheney so defends has directly caused the rise of terrorists in the Middle East. These people have turned Iraq and Afghanistan into real universities of terrorism. Al-Qaida did not exist in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was the country’s president, much less this group, which is even more extreme than the heirs of Bin Laden.

Washington’s absurd policy, in its efforts to overthrow the Syrian president, has led to the rise of this Islamic terrorist group that has become a real headache.

Cheney recommends more aggression, more bombing, and more war. Then, there will be more car bombs, more hatred, more killings of unfortunates on both sides, and of course, more terrorist apprentices.

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