Hollywood: Behind the New Machine of Success

British media such as The Guardian and Daily Mail published on Friday the surprise from emerging news of a survey among English teens: “Youtube stars,” vloggers, columnists and celebrities who gain fame from online videos and have access to an envied style of life, are replacing actresses, soccer players and even professional role models.

It’s no accident that major Hollywood (Disney and Warner) companies have decided to buy or associate themselves with boutique producers which launch these figures, occupying a creative underground, such as it did before by performing standup. Comedy in fact is the most popular genre in this phenomenon which grows in TV’s peripheral marketing.

Meanwhile, in those days the first Instagram series was released with 15-second chapters, and Netflix announced that it would investigate video format for videos between two and five minutes in order to conquer cell phones. Movie summaries, animation and above all else humor seem to take first place in the so-called small formats which keep the audiovisual industry running.

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