An Explanation of Obama’s Plan Is Urged

President Barack Obama’s proposal to resolve the immigration status of more than four million undocumented immigrants has, not surprisingly, aroused a lot of interest among U.S. Spanish-speaking communities, as well as in the countries that most of these people originate from. However, it is essential that the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras spend time, effort and resources in order to explain what the plan consists of.

It is certain that, as of yesterday, some immigrant organizations in the United States, as well as U.S. authorities, are dedicated to analyzing what it is realistically possible to expect. In our opinion, the main thing to note is that, due to the increased presence of authorities at the border, there are many more chances for undocumented immigrants who are currently attempting to cross it to be caught and deported because they are not included in the measure announced by the White House on Thursday.

Eligible individuals will be able to request a suspension of deportation and request work permits. Those with a family member who is a legal resident are also eligible, with the goal of not separating families. This is to help those who want to follow the rules and pay taxes, while the president tries to gain support from various sectors in order to move his initiative forward and continue working with Congress to pass legislative reform.

It is necessary to insist that the Guatemalan government embark on a campaign to warn and provide information for those wishing to travel without documents. Applications will be accepted until the early part of next year, and those who hide data or lie about their situation risk being deported. Warnings are being given regarding the danger of scammers, or people eager to help but who do not have sufficient knowledge. The procedures should be performed only by official offices.

Separately, governments and diplomats of the North-Central American triangle need to continue working to accelerate what should be done with undocumented children, an issue which caused the recent border crisis in the United States. Another issue is the train ride known as the “Beast,” and all the accidents and dangers to those who, despite warnings, embark on the adventure in search of a dream which, in too many cases, has turned into a nightmare. The threat posed by drug traffickers should not be forgotten, either.

The time is right for the United States to seriously consider eliminating the flow of undocumented immigrants, which is due to criminal violence and lack of job opportunities. There is a lot that can be said about this, and it would be worthwhile to have meetings between the presidents of countries exporting labor in order to discuss investment, credit, crime reduction and other actions directed toward ensuring that it will no longer be necessary for anyone to abandon everything, leave their family and risk arriving in a place where it is becoming increasingly evident that they are not welcome, and which is not the solution to their problems.

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