Kerry and His Israeli Tongue

In the Sharm el-Sheikh Conference, which ended yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made his first flub, or deliberate mistake, when on the first day he said that they were committed to securing the future of “Israel” instead of the future of Egypt, which is rallying together dozens of heads of state and economic organizations.

This was not just a slip of the tongue of a foreign policy official for the world’s largest agent, but he genuinely believes what he said. All Americans want to secure the future of Israel and make the Arab world complicit in the manifestation of their Western entity.

The error is not catastrophic but normal. The United States does not see “Israel” as being only its friend, ally and spoiled child, but also it sees the Arabs as simply bad, and not conducive to the life of their neighboring state.

Nevertheless, the American Embassy in Cairo recognized this as an error, disaster and slip of the tongue: Because the foreign minister had traveled throughout the night, had had little sleep, and attended the conference in the morning, Kerry mistakenly mentioned restoring investor confidence in the future of Israel in place of the future of Egypt. This is no laughing matter because it betrays the U.S. secret about these two countries. Well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud described slips of the tongue as reflections of subconscious wishes and desires that are brought to light through intentional linguistic mistakes, as the one made by Kerry.

Kerry came to Egypt with the idea of securing “Israel” on his mind. When he stood in the Sharm el-Sheikh Conference, he did not see international delegations rallying to support Egypt, but those seeking to secure the future of Israel.

This is America. We know that, as before, it will not change its attitudes toward Arabs or “Israel.” When given the choice, America will unhesitatingly choose their side even though some Arabs try to cover for this superpower and the first influential decision it made that day.

America only sees the Middle East as a great testing ground for its policies, which for decades have been the tribulations of countries trying to maintain peace and the future of “Israel.” So, when at the Sharm el-Sheikh Conference Kerry addressed the need to support the future of “Israel,” we felt in our stomachs what is the actual policy toward “Israel” and the entire Arab region, since he confirmed he was speaking in his Israeli, and not American tongue.

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